Monday, May 8, 2017

Great Week


This week has been super good. I am so grateful for my companion, Elder Call, he is the man. He has just been so good at keeping me strong and faithful and having the faith to find.  We found a ton of solid people this week, which was miraculous because there was an average of 6 people on campus throughout the week. So we had an awesome week on the finding grind.

Oh on Monday we had a member from 2nd ward hook us up and we got to go golfing on the golf course on UF's campus. It was a pretty nice course and tons of fun. We got some pointers from the golf pro too so we didn't end up on the other fairway too often hahaha.

Wednesday was a really solid day. A member from Lake City, Bro Bedenbaugh, came down and took Elder Call and I out for lunch which was awesome. It was just so good to hear a Lake City drawl again and hear about everyone in White Springs. We also had a super solid lesson with our man Jimmy Yu. We got to teach him about the Atonement and help him understand the laws of justice and mercy which was just so cool to see him get it. He might not recognize that the Spirit was teaching him but it was just so visible as his eyes lit up as he began go understand. Missions are just so cool.

Thursday was a super interesting day. We knocked into this guy from Italy and he wasn't religious but he had some super deep doctrine questions about exaltation and the nature of God so we taught him about that and we tried to set a return appointment but he said that he was moving to Italy next week so we invited him to the Rome Temple open house whenever it happens. Definitely a door approach for the books. 

On Friday the only really notable thing that happened other than finding some new people to teach is that we saw probably the second best rainbow I'd even seen in my life. I'll attach pics it was pretty sweet let met tell you.

Then last night we got to go to the CES devotional with a less active that we are working with and it was sooo good! Elder Clark just related Joseph Smith's experiences as a young adult to us and it was super cool. One of my favourite quotes from it is "When you face trials, don't take counsel from your fears". He talked about how when Joseph was going through a lot of stuff and had a lot of fears for the future he allowed his fear of losing Martin Harris as a friend to override his fear of God and so he asked God for the third time to let Martin take the 116 pages. Definitely good advice for the future.

Love you lots!

Elder Olson


Bro Bedenbaugh

You just don't see a rainbow like that everyday

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