Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fried Oreo's


This week has been pretty good. It's really nice to have kids back on campus with the Spring semester starting and although there is fewer people on campus, they are way more chill because it's summer and nobody seems to really care. We've found a few solid people this week so hopefully can get them progressing.

On Monday we had a funny experience, we were having a FaceTime lesson with an investigator of ours who went home for the summer and it was really solid, we were just reading with her and then suddenly the power went out, and the wifi went with it... so that was not ideal, but our member present came in clutch and set up a wifi hot spot and we got to finish the lesson. Member present miracles haha.

Friday we had the neat experience of going to a devotional in Jacksonville where Brad Wilcox was speaking. The entire mission was a part of the choir and so we all had to go even if we didn't have an investigator. It was kind of rough to miss all that proselyting time but really fun so I'm not complaining. Being in the south he talked about Grace and shared a lot of really cool things. One of my favourite things that he talked about is how people of other denominations always say, "so have you been saved by grace?" He said that "YES, it is by grace that we are saved, but we have a different understanding about what salvation really is." Then he discussed salvation and doctrine stuff (low key glad I didn't have an investigator there haha) and talked about how grace isn't the light at the end of the tunnel but it's the light that moves us through the
tunnel. Not sure if this is making sense but it was a good devotional, that's the point I'm trying to make.

Saturday we had the transfer call and I'll be staying in Gainesville with Elder Call for my last transfer. I'm always good where ever a transfer takes me but I am honestly really relieved to not be leaving. The YSA is just a blast and Elder Call and I get along super well. It's pretty unbelievable that this is my last transfer though. Fortunately the reality of only 6 weeks left hasn't really sunk in yet so things still feel the same.

Sunday was obviously a really sweet day getting to FaceTime the fam. Happy Mother's Day Mom you are the best!! The only other really notable thing that happened Sunday was that we were frying some Oreo's for Elder Call's b-day and I got some low key grease burns on my arms and wrecked a shirt. Good times having bubbly skin :-)

Love you all!!

Elder Olson

Elder Weng slippin on the drive to J-ville

Tbt to Fort Caroline

Pre grease burns :-)


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