Monday, April 17, 2017

Lens cleaning wipes


This week has been pretty good; finding has been kind of rough because it's almost finals week at UF and literally nobody thinks that they have time to meet with us. So that has been our struggle this week. I actually think that I dislike finals more as a missionary than I did as a student haha.

On Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Peterson, who is serving in High Springs. I didn't know him at all so we had a good day getting to know each other. We didn't have any set appointments so we had plenty of time to talk as we were finding on campus. We had a neat experience though where Elder Peterson had this prompting to go talk to this guy that was realllllyy out of the way, and it turned out that he was a former investigator and so we showed him the Prince of Peace video and he really liked it. Then we come to find out that he is from Live Oak and he is a youth pastor at a church that was in the White Springs boundaries. After that we figured that out we found out that we both know Sophia, who was just baptized last month. Haha, we made sure to drop that on him. So who knows if that will go anywhere but it was a cool experience.

Oh yeah also on Tuesday Keith and Lisa Wheeler, members from Fleming Island 1st ward, came and took us and the other elders out to lunch which was really sweet. Good times with them and we cherish a meal appointment whenever we get one.

On Wednesday our investigator, Jimmy, who is a 21 year old physics PhD student here at UF, came to the New Testament institute class. Because we are at the end of the semester, the class material was on Revelations 1-11. . . We weren't sure how that was going to go considering that Jimmy has very little religious background, but he actually really liked it! Elder Booker did a great job of teaching and Jimmy even wanted to come to the Saturday evening session of stake conference so it all worked out.

As we were leaving our apartment after lunch I was walking down the stairs when suddenly I hear out of nowhere "STEVEOOOOOOOOO" and then this big hairy guy was giving me a hug and let me tell you I was really confused. Like really confused. Then I realized that it was Zach Barney coming back to visit the mission. Haha it was fun to see him and meet his family. We got to tell his Mom lots of stories that she didn't know about hehe.

On Saturday we were pretty much just tracting all day and it was pretty dead but we met some good people and had some really funny experiences. I'll share one. So we knocked into this girl, Sophie, a girl who converted to Islam a few years ago, and we were able to show her the Prince of Peace video and share the restoration with her and it was going really well, but we weren't able to set up a return appointment so we got her number to set up a time after finals. So I pulled my little pocket book planner out of my pocket, and as I did, this little glasses lens cleaning wipe falls out of my pocket. So I pick it up and put it back in my pocket and it was only after the weird look she gave us that I realized that the little square packet that fell out of my pocket might seem like something other than a lens cleaning wipe . . . especially on a college campus.  But by that point it was just too late to explain what it was and in the heat of the moment I decided to just go with it and not explain it. So I am just dying of laughter/awkwardness on the inside while Elder Call is saying the prayer and after we walked away we just started to laugh so hard. Haha hopefully she texts us back and texts us back for the right reasons.

Anyways, Sunday was stake conference which was really awesome. We had a couple of investigators come, a girl that we met on Turlington and her roommate. They were almost 30 minutes late but it turned out to be perfect because they missed the sustaining (which can be weird if you are going to church for the first time) and then someone did a musical number of "If you could hie to Kolob". And so they missed both of them. To quote the scriptures "all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things". Haha it was perfect. Then a member from 3rd ward was kind enough to have us over for dinner and we tried to reach a bunch of less active members for the rest of the day.

Happy Easter,

Elder Olson

Elder P

Elder Faber catching us snoozing

Lens cleaning wipes

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