Monday, April 24, 2017

Gainesville Reunion


This week has been pretty good, everyone on campus has been a little cranky with finals going on right now, but it's just helping sift the wheat from the tares haha. On Tuesday we had the booth out at Turlington plaza and people were really just not having it so we decided to have some fun and flip our perspective, and we tried to see how many rejections we could get in a row instead of feeling like garbage because everyone was turning us down. Our high score was 22 people in a row, but we found some solid people in between that so hopefully they will work out.

Wednesday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Stuart, who is serving in Gainesville 5th ward, so it was super cool to go back to my first area for a day. We took a member out with us who was the first person that I had ever taught on my mission! I almost didn't recognize him because he had to shave his beard off to become an ordinance worker in the temple. It was cool seeing the big changes he has made.

Then on Friday we had another exchange: it was with the other YSA elders so I got to be with Elder Weng. He is from Taiwan and let me tell you he is the man. He just has so much faith and is also just really classic. He used an old LDS homefront video on a door approach and we taught a lesson from it. He is absolutely savage.

Our investigator Jimmy Yu is doing really well. He came to institute on Tuesday night and then to the Elders Quorum BBQ on Saturday and he was just loving it. The guy is so good at ping-pong, it's crazy. He is also learning and understanding the gospel so well, it is super neat to see his face just light up when he understands a gospel principle!

Hopefully everyone is doing well :^)

Elder Olson

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