Monday, April 10, 2017

Elder Call the Second


The last few days with Elder Kautai were super solid. On Tuesday morning we had district meeting and we were getting hammered with a morning rainstorm, we got soaked just running to the car. We spent a little time contacting on campus and then we had a dropped lesson with our investigator Trokon. It was kinda sad because he just isn't willing to truly open up his heart because of his commitment to his other church, but we definitely felt like he walked out of the church feeling like he was leaving something behind so hopefully he will be back one day.

We also got to go to institute with an investigator on Tuesday night. The sisters' investigator said the closing prayer and in it he said "God, thanks for helping us to look good, and especially to smell good. In Jesus name Amen" hahahaha I was dying laughing but trying to hide it because I didn't want him to get offended ahhh it was bad.

On Wednesday we had transfers but we didn't go to the transfer hub in Jacksonville because Elder Call was already in Gainesville. Instead a member drove him over and we got right to work! It was kind of weird not going to Jacksonville for transfers; it almost just felt like we were on exchanges for the first few days.

Elder Call has been adjusting to the YSA really well though, he is the man. Like way faster than I did, it is intimidating at first. It's been a really good first week with him, we are already friends from Lake City and he is a really good missionary so we are just flowing. We've been able to find a few people with solid potential, so hopefully they progress and we can find some more because Elder Kauai and I dropped most of them.

Saturday was an interesting day, I got to have some new experiences. The sisters had a baptism on Saturday and we had an investigator going which we were hoping would really give our investigator the fire that she needed to start keeping some commitments. The baptism wasn't super well planned though, and there were just a bunch of awkward moments and it started really late. There was still a remission of sins and all, which is obviously the important part, but it could've gone better. So after the baptism everyone is still mingling and we ask our investigator if she'll be able to make it to church tomorrow, and she has some excuse, and so we ask if we can set a return appointment and she says "you know I actually think that I am good for right now. Thanks though!".... I didn't even think it was possible to get dropped immediately after a baptismal service. But it happened.

I did get to confirm the sister's investigator in sacrament meeting which was cool though. His name is Trey and he really is a solid guy, he is already planning on serving a mission.

Hmm anyways I think that is basically all of the noteworthy things from this week

Elder Olson

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