Monday, April 3, 2017

Anything to get a break from the heat


This week has been pretty great, it's heating up down here though and that makes me less than thrilled.

So on Tuesday we had 4 appointments and then they all slowly cancelled on us... one by one. So we had 8 hours of finding on Tuesday and we were just getting shut down. Like nobody was talking to us, it was kinda rough. So we took a 30 minute break in the air conditioned blood donation van and some vampires stole some of our blood while we were relaxing. 

We got a free nutter butter out of it so it was worth it. We did, however, finally find one person at 8:30pm after 8 hours, so hopefully it was worth it. Tuesday was pretty much like the rest of the week. Literally all of our appointments cancelled on us so we were just finding all week long. We had some good times.

Wednesday we drove to Jax for another zone conference which was pretty good. We got a sneak peak of The Prince of Peace video and talked about using it and it's been fun to use this weekend.

Friday night we had transfer calls, it's been such a crazy fast transfer. Elder Kautai is getting transferred out, he is going up to the metropolis of Darien Georgia. My new companion will be Elder T Call, who is the cousin of my former companion Elder E Call. I am pretty pumped for that, we got to serve around each other in Lake City and so I already know we are going to have a good time. Our district is getting thrashed though, so many people are getting transferred out. It'll be good.

Of course the highlight of the week was General Conference. The Saturday Afternoon session was my favourite. (The comment from Elder Sabin about scout leaders always sleeping in the back of the truck really hit home for me. It's just so true.) On a more serious note, I really enjoyed Elder Clayton's talk in the Sunday morning session about doing the small things that will go a long way. I know that I needed it because I always want to know the why behind everything, especially in the gospel. But it was a good reminder that I'm not always going to get to know the why behind everything, and sometimes we just need faith.

Anyways, things have been good, I'm sad to lose Elder Kautai because we have just had a blast in the YSA, but I know Elder Call and I have big things ahead of us.

Elder Olson

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