Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring Break


It has been quite the week that is for sure. Spring Break has been low key brutal not going to lie. It's just been a battle with everyone gone, and the only people that aren't gone are old people that aren't YSA and then also the foreign students that don't speak english.

Because of the lack of people and investigators on campus we did a lot of service. Most of it was for a member that I knew in the 5th ward, Sister May. She is moving out and she needed a ton of help because she has so much stuff. We also went to the Ronald McDonald house and did some good stuff there. One pretty unique service opportunity that we had was at a place called "Jungle Friends". It's a animal rescue facility for monkeys that were used in laboratories and stuff. We didn't actually do anything with the monkeys but we were doing yard work right next to these monkey enclosures so it was pretty fun.

I have been really exhausted this week and I can't really figure out why. It's been frustrating to not be on my 'A' game, like I was nodding hard in sacrament meeting and I felt like a greenie in the 5th ward again haha. But we are just pushing through it and this week should be solid with all of our investigators getting back.

Love you all!

Elder Olson

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