Monday, March 6, 2017

Sleepover or Exchange?

Hello hellooo

This week has been pretty good. On Monday night I started an exchange with Elder Mahoney which was really fun. Kinda weird though because we did service with our companions, and lunch and dinner so it almost felt more like a sleepover than an exchange. It's way different than Lake City where you are 50 miles out of your area. 

We had a few investigators at institute on Tuesday night which was really fun. Our companions also taught Ray, the Serbian girl we met on Saturday and they say that it went really well. Haha I was low key really not happy that I missed that lesson but its really not a big deal. 

On Wednesday we had to drive to Jacksonville for Zone Conference which was pretty good. It was basically just a review of everything that was taught in the last MLC but it was still a great meeting and you learn more and more every time you read/hear something. Zone conferences are getting so weird, I feel like I don't know anyone in the mission because all the missionaries are so new. 

We had some good lessons this week. The people we teach are all so diverse Some of them are super hippy and others are super scientific, some are basically dry Mormon's and then we have some that are hardcore anti, like quoting from the King Follett sermon in our lessons. 

It's been pretty dead the last few days because it is Spring Break this week. Basically everyone on campus started peacing out on Friday and Saturday so finding has been a struggle. This next week is just going to be knocking on a bunch of empty doors searching for the one and hoping for a bunch of service. 

Love y'all!

Elder Olson

Loving life during choir practises

Dinner time naps, though . . .

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