Monday, March 27, 2017

Campus Life


It's been another really great week in the YSA. We were able to find a bunch of new people this week and have some fun doing it. We also had 2 exchanges this week which was coolio. On Wednesday I was with Elder Botalla which was really sweet. He is from Italy and he is just so solid. We got to spend lots of time talking about how much we love America :^)

Then on Thursday Elder Faber and I were together on an exchange which was awesome but weird because it hardly felt like an exchange because we were still in the YSA. We had a pretty good day but not that good because campus was just crazy because there were all these hip hop flash mobs happening on campus and a bunch of people protesting. We still got work done though.

Hmm I feel like this is going to be the most boring letter I've ever written... Oh also all the missionaries did a musical number in sacrament meeting which was a first for me. Fortunately there is 10 of us in the branch so I was pretty much drowned out. Blessins.

Wow I am really struggling on finding things to write about. Things have been really good though. It is still surreal how fast the mission has been flying by. I'm just hoping to make the most of every second of it!


Elder Olson

Elder Botalla

Wanting to teach the gospel but Babylon

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