Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 85


So this week I wanted to start by sharing a little story from earlier in my mission. Flash wayyy back to my first p-day on the mission, sitting in a laundry mat at the MTC. I had my first weekly letter written out, I was pumped about it and all that was left was the subject line... But I could not for the life of me think of a clever/creative subject. So I just wrote "Week 1".

Flash wayy back again but not quite as much as last time, now we are on the second p-day of the mission and I find myself in the same place. Weekly email written, but no clever subject line. So I just wrote "Week 2". From there I really just lost all hope of ever coming up with a creative subject line, so I figured I would just stick with the "Week X" approach. But every week for the last few months I have really been regretting my decision haha. Crazy that is is Week 85 now. Gross.

This week has honestly been really good, really not so good, and just all around hectic. We had a zone p-day on Monday which was really fun. We went to see a tiny little waterfall and played some ultimate frisbee. It was fun, but always super stressful when you have the responsibility of babysitting 20 teenagers, and get to be the one who apologizes for the group when a football kept hitting this old guy's camping trailer hahaha. Fortunately I've had plenty of practice when it comes to apologizing so we got it all smoothed out.

This week we had a really good lesson with our investigator Rose, who is the younger sister of one of our other investigators, Katie. She has had a really hard life, but she just wants to do this and come closer to her Heavenly Father. She came to church on Sunday and she even brought her daughter and 2 of her granddaughters!! She is looking really solid, so that is just another really solid investigator that is an older single sister. Idk what is is but I feel like 90% of the progressing investigators that I've had on my mission have been older single sisters.

On Thursday we had to drive to Starke to interview someone for baptism, so that took up a lot of our day. Despite the hour drive each way it was easily the best baptismal interview I've ever been to. The man getting baptized was the boyfriend of a member and her parents offered to have us and the Starke Elders to their house and make us a steak dinner! Doesn't happen at every baptismal interview.

These are a lot of the good things that have happened this week. Most of the not so good things were having 2167 appointments fall through, most of them at the last second, and some stressful lessons with some recent converts. We got it all worked out though, and they are now stronger than ever!

Probably the best part about this week was how busy we have been and that we have always had something to think about. Nothing is worse in missionary work than having nothing to do, which can sometimes be a struggle in country areas, and we didn't have a lot of that this week so it was definitely a week to be grateful for.

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson

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