Monday, February 20, 2017

Returning to Gainesville (and transitioning to YSA?)

Wow so much has happened this week it has been one to remember for sure.

P-day was really awesome, we found some singletrack MTB trails and we hit them up and wow it was so awesome. Obviously there aren't any real hills in Florida and the trails honestly weren't thaaat good but it was super fun to get to do some real riding again.

On Wednesday we went to Jacksonville for our MLC meeting which was really awesome. It was mostly a review of things that we had talked about in the past but it's always a treat to get training from President and Sister Lee. After MLC we went on an exchange with the assistants which was super fun. We both stayed in their area and we only had a few hours to do it but it was so much fun. I was with Elder Britsch who was my zone leader way back and we had such a fun day. He just has a way of drawing faith out of you that you didn't know that you had. Hahahaha at night we were talking about school and stuff and Elder Ward was saying that he was going to be living at King Henry apartments when he goes to BYU and we laughed at him because apparently King Henry is just bro central where everyone goes to get buckets and Elder Ward says "Ahh man I don't want to get buckets, I want to get covenants!!!" Haha it was classic.

On Friday we had another exchange with the Branford elders which was great. I got to take Elder Curran to White Springs with me which was super neat, because I took his place here in White Springs! We had a fun day of teaching and seeing a bunch of people that he taught that have since gotten baptized. We went and saw Cathie and Johnna which was really awesome. They told Elder Curran about everything that has happened since he left and just thanked him and told him they loved him and thanked him a bunch more and gave him a big hug when we left. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Elder Curran goes home tomorrow so this was like a last hurrah for him. Anyways as we were driving out of their driveway we had a pretty tender experience. We were just quiet and the spirit was super strong, and then I looked over at Elder Curran and saw a few tears running down his cheeks, and eventually he said "I've been waiting for that moment for my whole mission. And now its finally come". It was pretty cool. 

On Saturday we had transfer calls and I found out that I am leaving White Springs... I am pretty sad to leave all the members, recent converts, and investigators, but I realize that it would be unfair to hog White Springs and not let anyone else have the blessing of serving here. But I literally could not be happier about my new area!!

So I am getting transferred back down to Gainesville, and I'll be serving in the YSA there! It's going to be super weird, because my geographical area will basically be identical to my first area when I was in the Gainesville 5th ward, but now I will be teaching students at the University of Florida! It's going to be a blast. My new companion is Elder Kautai and I honestly know nothing about him but I am super excited because I hear he is a solid guy.

I just feel super blessed to have served here in White Springs and I'm going to miss all the members all so much!!

Love y'all!

Elder Olson

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