Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chuck's Baptism

Hello hello

It has been another really great week in White Springs! The weather has been getting really nice, even though it's only February which we are appreciating now but I'm sure in a few months we are going to be missing the cold again.

We've had some really good lessons with Sophia, the 13 year old girl that we have on date. A few over Skype, and a few with the whole family. We've had some members Skype into lessons a few times and it's been a really neat experience being able to use the technology to build the kingdom. I've learned that front facing cameras weren't just created for selfies but also for teaching the gospel haha. Unfortunately due to some miscommunication with Sophia and her parents she wasn't able to make it to church, so we will have to re-adjust her baptismal date, but she is still progressing well. 

We also got to start teaching her older sister's friend, who lives in Jacksonville, and so the missionaries over there are going to start visiting her. If she gets baptized she will have an interesting conversion story that starts off with being at a friend's house for a law of chastity lesson haha, I never thought that would be the lesson that would get a teenage girl interested in the gospel but hey you never know I guess. 

Probably the highlight of the week was Chuck's baptism on Saturday! It was a small simple service, and Elder Beenfield baptized him which was great. Chuck was all worried that Elder Beenfield wouldn't be strong enough to lift him out of the water but he did all right. After Chuck came up out of the water he raised his arms in the air and cheered, it was so funny. Classic Chuck. 

Our investigator, April, came to the baptism, and then she also came to church the next day and it was her first time. She walked in late and just sat at the back and so we didn't see her and the next thing we know she gets up to bear her testimony!! We were low key freaking out but she bore a really awesome testimony and the members just swarmed her afterwards so it turned into an ideal situation. Hopefully we can get her on date soon

Hmm that's really all I can think of that was note-worthy... oh we also had interviews with President Lee which was good as always. But yeah it was a really good week :-]

Love y'all!

Elder Olson

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