Monday, January 30, 2017

Zone Meeting


It has been another really great and interesting week.

Tuesday was kind of a stressful day because we had to spend a bunch of time preparing for our zone meeting on Wednesday morning. Lots of stuff going on with that. Especially when you have to take a 4 hour training given by the church's lead proselyting specialist, condense it down to 40 minutes and make sure that all the missionaries in the zone understand the doctrine perfectly. We had to take some time and alleviate stress by hitting the rancid oranges from our trees into the forest with a baseball bat. It worked pretty well haha. 

The actual zone meeting was turned out to be really great. The spirit played a huge part or else it just wouldn't have worked. We also catered food from Sonny's BBQ which was soooo good except the fact that the zone hardly left any for us when we were setting up the worldwide broadcast that we had right after haha. It was probably a blessing in disguise as it helped with our waistlines.

The missionary broadcast was pretty good as well. A lot of it was review of last year but they built upon it as well. I loved one quote from Elder Anderson "Revelation builds upon itself", it's been a fun one to ponder. They also introduced the new schedule that we have been living for the last couple months and a change to key indicators that will really help us focus on our purpose instead of just teaching a lot of lessons. 

After zone meeting we had a neat experience. We taught our investigator, Sophia, a lesson over skype and it went so well! I was a little worried about how strong the spirit would be in a Skype lesson but it felt like we were right there! Sophia is super prepared and has really been wanting to get baptized, however the rest of her family (we are teaching them too) are progressing a little slower. So we set a baptism date with her for later next month so hopefully she will be able to make it!!

We've had a bunch of lesson with Chuck this week to get him ready for his baptism interview, and he had his interview on Friday and he passed! So he is going to be baptized this next Saturday which is going to be awesome. He is soooo funny and just a classic guy. It's hard to describe him, he's just someone you have to meet. 

It's been a real interesting week thats for sure. I hope that I get to stay another transfer in White Springs as it has become one of my favourite places on earth. 

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson

Lake City Zone

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