Monday, January 23, 2017

Preview of 'The District 3' and Mission Leader Conference

Hello hello it has been another really awesome week in Florida. So much has happened haha

On Tuesday we had a really awesome lesson with our investigator Katie. We taught her about Temples and Families and it was a super powerful lesson. Her husband passed away a little over a year ago, and her family had always taught her that there wasn't family or marriage in the next life and so learning about the temple sealing was really touching to her. At the end of the lesson she expressed to us her desire to get baptized, and eventually sealed to Ricky, and that she just had to pray about a date. We were so pumped for her.

Unfortunately like 7 hours later she called us and essentially dropped us. She said that she was just confused by some stuff and she wasn't going to come to church anymore and all that stuff. She sounded so sad, it was really obvious that she got anti'd and her aunt had previously been trying to get her to go to some new church in Lake City. We didn't try to convince her over the phone, and we haven't been able to make contact with her yet, but we aren't too worried about her. It's just a little mountain for her to climb before she gets baptized.

Tuesday was just an interesting day. We had another lesson with a family that really likes our church, but just can't get past their love for non-denominational celebration style worship, and so we watched a talk from Elder Cristofferson, "Why the Church" with them. It was so perfect and we were poised to have an great discussion, and then the Mom took some little comment he made about the last days and ran with it, and wouldn't get off the subject about the rapture. People down here...

Thursday was one of the spiritually exhausting days of my life. We had an expanded MLC with district leaders in Jacksonville, and Brother Donaldson (the lead proselyting specialist from church headquarters) came and wow... I don't think I've ever learned so much about missionary work in one day. I am still trying to get over it haha. We got a few little sneak peaks of 'The District 3', which is exciting when you're a missionary haha.

We talked a lot about our missionary purpose and about the doctrine of Christ. He showed us that everything we talk about, teach and invite people to do should be centered around the doctrine of Christ. I realized how sometimes its really easy to "look beyond the mark" when doing missionary work and just living life in general. But when we focus on faith, repentance, making covenants and striving to keep them to the best of our ability, things generally work out.

We also talked a lot about using the technology that we have as effectively as we possibly can. In teaching, finding, and in involving members in the conversion process. When talking about using technology in missionary work Elder Bednar effectively said "we are going to take the trickle of missionary work we have right now and turn it into a flood". Haha I am SO pumped for all the new stuff the church is going to be doing. Its really going to get the members even more involved and as Brother Donaldson said "get them from the bleachers onto the field. Because the field is where the fun happens."

The weekend was a little more slow for us though, Elder Beenfield had to rest on Saturday because he was sick and then on Sunday there were these crazy tornado thunder storms that were coming in that kept us from normal proselyting. Fortunately we were just south of the worst of it, so we only had like 5 minutes of super strong wind and rain. The northern part of our area probably got wrecked though.

Anyways so it's been an exciting week! MLC just got me pumped to keep working hard and being focused for the last few transfers of the mission and to also continue to be a missionary afterwards!

Elder Olson

Mission Leader Conference

For some reason Elder Beenfield thought this pic was hilarious...

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