Monday, January 16, 2017

He just prayed about it (usually a good choice)

Hello hellooo

This week has been so awesome, the area is just really picking up and things are going well! We really pushed to get as many members out with us as possible, and we almost doubled our member presents total from last week! It's been exciting for sure. 

The best thing that came out of this week was our lesson with our investigator, Chuck, on Tuesday. We had our branch president with us and as soon as we sit down Chuck looked at him and said, "So what do I gotta do to get baptized" haha it was so awesome, he was telling us that instead of waiting for a sign that he should get baptized he just prayed about it (usually a good choice) and he received and answer that he needed to get baptized in 3 weeks! We are so excited for him, he has had a long path but he is finally going to get there! 

On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Willis. It was his third day in the field, so going to White Springs was a bit of an eye opener for him. Haha I experienced culture shock when I came here and I've been out for over a year, so I can't even imagine what he was feeling. He is pretty solid for a new missionary though, we had an awesome lesson with Cathie & Johnna which was really neat for a new missionary like him. I told him that's the goal for everyone that we talk to. 

The week was full of little miracles and intense lessons, but then Sunday came. Chuck was planning on coming to church, and he went to his old church for the last time before he came to ours and apparently the preacher was preaching against Joseph Smith and said that anyone who followed him couldn't be forgiven of their sins and Chuck was getting all heated and his blood sugar spiked again and he had to go to the hospital. So that was no good, but the silver lining is that Chuck told us that he is never going back there again. 

Then as we were driving home from church we got a bunch of texts and calls and all of our plans for the day, plus a bunch of appointments for this next week, cancelled on us. All within a space of like 20 minutes. So that was bad, but obviously it's going to get better and with increased opposition comes increased blessings!

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson

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