Monday, January 9, 2017

Another 6 weeks to look forward to in White Springs


This week has been a blast and a half!! Everything has just gone so well and it has been super cold which has been amazing. Like not just cold for Florida, it has been cold!! It got down to -4Cish a couple of nights in a row, and the humidity mades the cold weather so much worse. I think I'm also just acclimated to the weather here which makes me a bit of a wimp about it haha. We did find an icicle outside our house today which we were super pumped about.

So much has happened this week, last Monday seems like forever ago!! On Tuesday we had a really awesome lesson with Cathie & Johnna, we brought President Law with us, and at the end we gave them each a nice CTR ring as a super late Christmas present. 

On Wednesday we went on exchanges with some of the elders in Lake City, and I got to take Elder Stanley up to White Springs for the day. He was in my district back in Fleming Island and so it was our second time going on exchanges and it was a super fun day! We did some permanent camping trailer home tracting way out in the boonies and then we had a really great lesson with our progressing investigator Barbara. She is doing really well, she is super committed to finding out all she can and getting baptized. Satan has just been throwing health problem after health problem at her which has been her main obstacle. 

Elder Stanley
Friday we had a zone conference all the way in Jacksonville which made for an exhausting but rewarding day. It just got me so pumped for 2017 and the work that is going to be done here in the mission. President Lee is incredibly inspired and we have 2 simple focuses that are going to help us reach our goals. I just wish I could be here for all of 2017 to see it out. 

On Saturday night we had the transfer call and I'll be staying with Elder Beenfield here in White Springs for another transfer!! It was an insane conference call; there are so many changes happening. This mission is soooo different from what it was 18 months ago. But I am just jazzed to be here in White Spring for another transfer. 

We had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday which really just re-affirmed to me how glad I am to be staying. President Lee drove out to Lake City to attend our meeting, and he came to both branch council and sacrament meeting. It was probably one of the best fast and testimony meetings I've ever been too. President bore his testimony, we bore our testimonies and pretty much everyone else bore their testimonies of missionary work and just talked about how much they love the missionaries. Sister Harris' might've brought a few tears haha. 

Later that day we had a meeting at the stake centre with President Lee and his counsellor, the STLs and the stake president, President Smith. It was so money, I was just soaking it in, we mostly just talked about coordinating the work in the stake and how to get the members most involved. 2017 is going to be so good!!!

Anyways the last couple of days have got me so pumped to go out and do the work! I'm excited to give it my all during the last 6 months of my mission and I can't wait for all the miracles that we are going to see


Elder Olson

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