Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This Week in White Springs


It's been another great week in White Springs! The work here is still going really well we are always so busy! The holiday season has been full of so many miracles but planning has been such a struggle!! Haha members are always telling us to get more sleep/take some breaks because we are always so busy and tired.

Like I said, the work has been awesome! We were able to set baptismal dates with a couple of the kids in an investigator family of ours. The parents are still a little iffy, but we shared John 7:17 with them and they agreed to prepare for baptism with the kids to find out of they want to get baptized as well. So things are going really well with this family. Unfortunately, they didn't come to church on Sunday but we had 2 other investigators come for the first time this Sunday which was great!

On Saturday we did a church tour with our investigator, Katie, and the member we brought was just such a perfect fellowshipper for her. So she came for the first time and really loved it and then another investigator of ours, Barbara, was able to come for the first time! She has been trying to come for over a month now but Satan has been working really hard to prevent her from coming! Probably my favourite part of Sunday was seeing our recent converts, Cathie & Johnna reach out to Barbara and Katie and making them feel welcome and just being their friends. Hahaha we had like 5 older single sisters in our gospel principles class and they were all just chatting and having a ball and it was honestly really hard to keep them all on topic but it was perfect because they all had such a great time! The lesson was good too hahaha.

On Friday we had a really neat and unique experience because John Bytheway came to Jax and did an adult evening devotional. All of the missionaries were invited because we sang a musical number, which obviously isn't my thing, but worth it to go to a John Bytheway devotional! I also got to see tons of members from Fleming Island and even a few from Fort Caroline which was so nice. Love those people. Since it was in Jacksonville, and Jacksonville traffic is always awful, we didn't get home until almost 11:30 - it was really brutal getting up at 6 the next day haha. But again, worth it.

Oh yeah, Sunday we had an interesting experience. So our branch mission leader is a volunteer fire fighter and we always get a ride to church with them. So as we were driving home they got a call to go help out with an old abandoned motel that some guy lit on fire and so we got to/had to go hang around a big fire being put out which was pretty cool but not the most effective for proselyting. Also not very fun on a fast Sunday when you are there until 7:30 pm.

I feel like I was able to learn a ton of little lessons this week. One lesson that was really solidified in my mind I learned during our gospel principles lessons, which was all about service. We watched the mormon message, "Lift", (if you haven't seen it, go watch it!!) and we had a discussion about how when we serve others out of sincere concern for their welfare it heals our soul, and how the only thing that we can really do to heal ourselves, is to look to serve and heal others. I realized that the happiest times that I've had on my mission have always been when my number one priority is to serve my companion and make his life easier. Its when I feel the spirit the strongest, and its when I've felt the best about myself and the things that I've been able to do on my mission so far. Trying to serve my companion has almost turned into a selfish thing for me, because I know that when I do, that I'll be happy too!

Anyways just a few thoughts and I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays :^)

Elder Olson

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