Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

This week has been another blast and so much has happened!!

On Monday night we went Christmas Caroling as a district which was super fun. We got tons of citrus loaded on us and I was taught the proper technique for eating Kumquats which was just another tender mercy from on high. 

Tuesday was super fun because I got to go on exchange with Elder Roy down in Lake City. He is a pretty young missionary and just a treat to be with. We got a ton of work done, and did a lot of power tracting out in the country. We had a super neat experience though! We were out with a member and we went to teach this single mom the restoration, and she was telling us how she was talking to her Mom about the church, and her Mom said that her sister had just been over and said that she had been going to the Mormon church in White Springs!! So obviously that got me excited and so I asked what her name was and it turns out that the lady we were teaching is the niece of our top progressing investigator, Katie!! Hahah I was so jazzed and Katie is already being an amazing missionary even though she doesn't even have a baptismal date or anything. Miracles!

We had a bunch of really good lessons with progressing investigators and some interesting tracting experiences this week. Haha we tracted into these two old men out in the boonies who were at first really hostile and then they got really buddy buddy and it was hilarious talking to them. They were jamming out with some bluegrass music and smoking a joint and they tried to convince us that the "forbidden fruit" was actually pot and that somehow this justified them in smoking it. Elder Beenfield and I were trying so hard to not bust up laughing hahaha it was a vintage White Springs moment. 

Christmas was definitely the highlight of the week though. It never really felt like Christmas Christmas with the weather and everything but it was still a good time. The members here are really just the best, they got us so much food, gifts, and love!!! I love it here in White Springs. 

Love you all and I hope everyone had a good Christmas

Elder Olson

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