Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Party

Wow its has been a fun and exciting week!!

We had a really neat experience in our district meeting on Tuesday morning. We were trying to decide on district baptismal goal for 2017 and we were all discussing it and we came up with a goal of 45 which is super high. Like 4x what we are averaging right now. So we all knelt down and the district leader said a prayer and right as he started praying the number 38 came to mind. But it came so fast that I almost kind of doubted it and was throwing around some other numbers in my head through the rest of the prayer. But then after the prayer, Elder Waldrop was the first to say what came to mind and he said he also thought 38! Right when he said it the spirit hit me so strongly it was crazy and then like half the district also said that they had thought the same thing! It's a really high goal, but we know that the Lord wants us to do it! It was just a super neat experience to receive such direct revelation like that in the moment. We are doing our mission baptismal goal in MLC this next week and I am really looking forwards to some more super spiritual experiences with it!

On Wednesday we went to the Lake Butler district meeting and then I got to go on an exchange with Elder Hosking in the Starke ward. Starke is an interesting place and Elder Hosking is a solid missionary and a just a good guy. We got to meet the man to invented the "smart bomb" that was used in Vietnam, and he is actually one of their progressing investigators! We refuted a lot of anti with him haha. 

Thursday was a blast and a half because it was the mission Christmas Party! All the missionaries drove to Jax West and we all did some funny Christmas skits and then we had a devotional in the chapel. It's super fun being able to see all my past companions and mission friends. Also super weird because it was the last time that I got to see the sisters in my MTC group! They are all going home in the next couple of weeks and it's honestly just really messed up and doesn't feel real. 

We got a really sad phone call from our investigator, Chuck, on Saturday. Chuck is a super awesome, humble and faithful guy and we were going to be setting a baptismal date with him this next week, however on Saturday he left us a voicemail telling us that his old pastor came over and told him that if he kept meeting with us and if he went to church he was going to go to hell. He sounded super sad and dejected, and we tried to call him back but he didn't answer. I am not too worried about him though, the member that has been fellowshipping him is going over today and I'm sure that once we have an opportunity to sit and talk we will be able to explain some things to him. And if we never get that chance, we know where his pastor lives because we had tracted into him so we will go and have a nice chat with him, and who knows, maybe we can confound/convert him and bring his whole congregation into the church!! 

Helping people overcome concerns with anti is slowly becoming one of my favourite things: A it's fun and B if an investigator has serious concerns about something, it gives them more real intent for their prayers and if they are humble enough to learn the truth then they are super solid converts! 

Something that I loved in the December ensign was an article from Elder Ballard called "By Study and By Faith" and I would highly recommend it! 

Love you all and Merry Christmas 

Elder Olson

MTC group

Elder Hosking

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