Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Teaching the Gospel

Hello hellooo

It has been a super good week here in White Springs!! The weather is really cooling down which has been a blessing, but it's probably going to get back up to our usual balmy Florida weather. This morning it was 1C when we got in our car!!!! I got see my breath and everything it was amazing. 

Looking back at my journal from the last week it seems crazy to me that its only been a week since last monday, so many good things have been happening! 

Haha we had an awesome member present lesson on Tuesday, and what makes it funny is that our member was trying to get a hold of us to confirm the time, and we kept missing each other and she isn't too tech savy so she didn't get our voicemails or texts and she ended up going to our investigator's house a day early! But she is such a good fellowshipper that she just went right on without us, got to know our investigator, taught her a little bit about the plan of salvation and that she could be sealed to her late husband in the temple! So the next day when we actually had our plan of salvation lesson, it was just so perfect because she was already friends with the member, and she already knew a little bit about what we were going to share! 

The White Springs Branch is seriously such a cool place to serve in. It's really backwoods and a little sketchy at times but the members are so great. It is a branch that the Lord can trust, and we see so many miracles because of it! It seems like every week we find someone who is so prepared to receive the gospel. This last week we tracted into 2 different households that know that the great apostasy happened, and we have some awesome return appointments scheduled for this next week that we are super pumped about :^)

On Thursday I got to go on an exchange in Lake City with Elder Waldrop, one of our district leaders. It was a fun day, nice to be in the city and get to talk to more than 5 people per hour of finding. Friday we got to drive to Lake Butler to have interviews with President Lee which was great as always and we did a lot of practicing using the new Christmas initiative in our work! It is going to be sweet, it comes out on November 25th so make sure to share it and December 1st is a worldwide day of service so find a way to go help someone else out!

Saturday was an interesting day. We just happened to knock the street where all the crazies and hippies live. There is really no telling what you are going to find in a lonely trailer in the woods in north Florida. Fun fact about Hamilton county (one of the counties we cover), Hamilton county is one of the largest marijuana producing counties in the state of Florida! We have a good time here hahaha.

Sacrament Meeting was definitely the highlight of our week. It was the primary presentation and soooo many people came!!! We had 18 more than our previous branch high, so 98 people!! This may not sound like a big deal to some, but this is a huuugge deal for us it was awesome. To top it off 7 of those 98 people were investigators! We had a family of five come, which was perfect because the 7 & 10 year old kids have been coming the past few weeks and they participated in the primary presentation! Both of their parents were brought to tears it was so powerful. I mean if that doesn't bring someone to tears they are pretty much a lost cause right? Anyways things here have been going SO good! 

I hope all is well around the world!

Elder Olson  

Lake City Zone + Elder Gavarett

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