Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving


It's been another awesome week here in White Springs. We had our transfer call on Saturday night and Elder Beenfield and I get to stay together in White Springs for another transfer which we are both pretty pumped about! 

Things have been good this week, but the work was really slow from Wednesday until about Sunday because everyone was so busy with Thanksgiving. We made up for it with lots of good work on Tuesday and Sunday though haha. 

Wednesday was a messed up day. In the morning we drove to Macclenny for their district meeting, and it was the last time that I saw Elder Geist, my trainer, before he goes home tomorrow. None of my previous companions have gone home yet, and it just doesn't seem real that I won't be seeing Elder Geist around any more. He gave a training in his last district meeting and knocked it out of the park talking about consecration. I am still super grateful to have had a trainer that helped me to have such a successful and enjoyable mission. Have fun at home Shadrach :-)

The rest of Wednesday was kinda tough. We had appointments set up pretty much all day long and one text at a time every single one of them cancelled on us. Ugh. We did find a super solid new investigator during that time though so the Lord has a plan I guess! 

Thanksgiving was a pretty fun day. We tried to only have one dinner appointment with the branch fasting but the members here had their way and we still ended up with 3 dinners haha it was brutal. I was a lot smarter about it this time. The food was sooo southern I couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it. At one dinner appointment we had some pig tails, like literally the tail of a pig, and it was actually really good! 

Those were the highlights from this week though! Our investigator, Chuck, gets back this week from his 27 thousand month vacation in Vermont so we will finally be able to reset his baptismal date with him which is super exciting. 

Hope everyone is swell :^)

Elder Olson

Celebrating the life of Elder Geist

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