Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Centre of Happiness

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Our three recent converts, Cathie, Johnna and Brandon continue to be the centre of my happiness here in White Springs. They are continuing to progress so fast and we've had some awesome lessons with them. Cathie & Johnna were also able to go do baptisms for the dead at the Orlando Temple for the first time on Saturday which sounds like it was such an awesome experience for them. Cathie was able to do the work for her parents and grandparents and they are both super motivated to do more family history work and keep going back to the temple. Then to top it all off all three of them bore their testimonies in church yesterday which was so so powerful and just a tender mercy for me, I love them all so much.

The work has been going pretty well for Elder B and I. We have a bunch of investigators that are on the brink of conversion, we just need to get them some member support and get them to come to church and then we should have some baptism dates set! One neat thing is that we are teaching a family that Elder Beenfield taught over a year ago when he was serving in the Live Oak branch. Since then they changed the boundaries and so they are in our branch now and are a really solid little family! Both of the parents work on Sunday though which has been making things tough, but we get their kids to come to church and they are so solid!

Another thing that we started yesterday in the branch to get the work going is a branch-wide 40 day fast. Just like Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days at the beginning of his ministry we are going to have one member of the branch fasting every day for the next 40 days, with the purpose of members finding people to bring into the church, whether they are less actives or non-members. We were a little worried about the response we'd get but they are super pumped for it and we are going to see some awesome miracles! A side bonus is that we invited them all to have us over to break their fast with us which should lead to some more meal appointments hahaha.

Elections are tomorrow so things have been pretty interesting over here. I'm just super grateful that I'm not American because whenever people ask us about politics I can just pull the "I'm from a foreign country" card and escape a political debate hahaha.

Love you all!

Elder Olson

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