Monday, October 10, 2016

White Springs Escapes Hurricane Matthew


This week has been pretty normal, just an average week as a missionary in Florida.

Mhmm, on Tuesday I made some rice pudding. It was probably the most exciting thing all week. It's been a long 15 months without it.

We had our zone meeting on Wednesday which was pretty good. It's pretty uncommon to have 2 in a transfer, but I'm glad to have 2 under my belt before I take over the area. Elder B is unfortunately probably getting transferred out but that's what prayer and fasting are for. Hopefully he stays.

We went to Panda Express after zone meeting. That was very nice. Every time I go I want to try new things but that Orange Chicken just pulls me back every time idk what it is

Ooh after our Panda visit we had maybe one of the coolest lessons of my mission with our investigators Cathie & Johnna (they are getting baptized on Saturday >>>). They've had a pretty big struggle with the Word of Wisdom, and they have been clean for over a week now, but on Wednesday we went and pulled an Alma 24 and we dug a nice big hole for them and they put their coffee pot and all of their cigarettes in there, and then we let them cover the hole up and make a covenant to NEVER dig these things up. It was super neat I wish someone was taking candid's of us, that would've been golden.

We also taught our investigator Brandon the last missionary lesson, and he was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but we had to push it back... So now he is getting baptized this Saturday!! We are super pumped for him he is a really cool guy.

On Friday a category 3 hurricane hit Jacksonville. His name was Matthew. Lots of missionaries got evacuated and we spent like all day on the phone which was super fun. Heh. Everyone in the mission had to spend the day inside so that was honestly a nice relaxing break. Fortunately it was only 1 day though, or else we might've gone crazy haha. In all honesty apparently the hurricane was pretty bad, we wouldn't have known because it hardly affected us at all out in White Springs. We lost power for about 0.71 seconds but that was it. So we had to go around the house resetting all the alarm clocks, ugh
hurricanes are the worst.

It's actually been a blessing to all the missionaries in the affected areas, we are hearing that lots of people's hearts are being softened by their trials and that all the service that the missionaries are doing out there is working wonders. A few missionaries from our zone drove out to the coast on Sunday to help out, but our branch was going to Daytona Beach (which is out of the mission) to help out so we couldn't go, and our Branch President asked us to stay back and help with our sacrament meeting. We had 33 people there, and only 5-6 of them held the priesthood.

So I was totally messing at the beginning of my letter in case you didn't pick up on that. Its been quite the week, hopefully things will get back into the normal groove of things here soon. It's fun to have hurricanes but more fun to help people repent sooo

Anyways I hope everyone is doing great and isn't experiencing extreme weather conditions!

Elder Olson

Elder Rodgers - old pic from last Zone Conference

Hurricane Matthew hits White Springs

Elder B and Chuck

Hurricane Emergency Shopping
el oh el

Charlie the House Pig

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