Monday, October 31, 2016

The Update


This week has been longgg, like not in a bad way but really long haha. It seems like forever ago that I was last writing an email. 

It's been really good though! On Tuesday and Wednesday we had back to back exchanges with the assistants and a new district leader which was tons of fun, but exhausting. On Tuesday I was with Elder Coy which was a ton of fun. He is 25 and just has his life together it just feels good to learn from him. We taught a bunch of powerful lessons, and he really clicked with our recent convert, Brandon. They have pretty similar stories which is coolio. 

On Wednesday morning we went to Lake Butler for their district meeting and then we started our exchange with the Starke elders. I was with Elder Andrus, who is a new district leader so we spent some time training on that and we got some good work done! Elder Andrus realllyyy knows his scriptures so its super fun teaching with him. We went out with a member in the evening and it didn't go as well as we had hoped, and he dropped us off back at our house at 8:45 which was inconvenient because for obedience's sake we couldn't go in until 9:00. It's especially hard because in White Springs there is NOBODY to talk to after dark, except for the type of people that you wouldn't want to talk to after dark if you catch my drift. So we decided that we would walk to the fire station and back, not really expecting to see or talk to anyone because its White Springs. But as we walked guess what! Somebody was actually walking down the street and it was sooo inspired. We taught him about the restoration and it was clear to all 3 of us that God had orchestrated us meeting up. He committed to baptism right there on the street and we had a return appointment with him tomorrow!! Miracles come from obedience, I definitely have a testimony of that. 

Wednesday was also my amazing Mother's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! love youuu

The rest of the week was pretty great as well. We are starting a branch wide "40 day fast" where at least one person in the branch fasts for missionary work for 40 straight days... we are pumped its going to bring so many miracles! And a side benefit is is that we are going to take the fast on Thanksgiving, so we will only have to have 1 thanksgiving dinner instead of 6! Tender mercies are so real, idk if I could handle another multiple thanksgiving day like last year hahaha. 

Brandon, Cathie & Johnna are all still doing super well! Cathie & Johnna are going to the Orlando Temple on Saturday to do baptisms for their parents and other ancestors which is super exciting!! Brandon is also doing super well, he just gets it. 

Anyways things are going great here and I love you all!!

Elder Olson

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