Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Companion


It's been another great week in White Springs, I feel like so much has happened!

Harris Family

Monday and Tuesday was full of visiting some members and investigators before Elder Bangerter got transferred out. Our visit with Cathie and Johnna was especially touching. We left them with the commitment go receive their endowments 1 year from the day!! 

Wednesday was transfers, we had to go to Jacksonville super early because Elder Bangerter is training a new missionary, so I was helping out with some trainings for other missionaries that were there early which was fun. Transfers are always fun, getting to see old companions and such. We picked Elder Beenfield up and headed back to White Springs and we have been going hard since!! 

Florida's version of Lake Louise

Something that made this week a bit more challenging was a little sinus infection that wouldn't go away. I had it kicked by Friday/Saturday but it is not a fun way to start a transfer I would not recommend it. Especially because we have been SO busy, so taking some time to get over it wasn't even an option. 

We have had some awesome experiences in the last few days though. We've found a few super elect people (one lady literally prayed us there!!) and have had a few break through lessons with some of our investigators. We have a ton of people who are ready to progress and set baptism dates, we just need them to come to church! It's seriously the biggest struggle here, haha maybe it has something to do with football season idk. 

It's also been cooling down a lot! The highs are still around 27-31 C but in the mornings its nice and cold. When we were driving to the church this morning for numbers it was 6C, it felt so good!!!

There are seriously so many good things going on right now, and I don't have the emailling motivation to write them all down, but when our miracle new investigators start progressing I will let you all know!!

Elder Beenfield and Elder Olson

Things with Elder Beenfield have been pretty good. He was in the MTC with me and so we know each other pretty well. He has a lot of desire to be obedient and see some miracles so the work will be great! 

Love y'all!!

Elder Olson


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