Monday, October 3, 2016

Mission Leader Conference and a Pet Pig


It's been a pretty busy week with lots of good stuff going on. On Tuesday night we drove to Jacksonville to stay the night with the Jax West Zone Leaders and then get a ride to Mission Leader Conference the next day. It was super fun catching up with them and seeing how Jax West is doing (that's where I was last transfer).

MLC was so good! It's great hearing from President Lee and getting the new focuses for the mission. Recently a trend our mission has really been taking is to try and not stress the amount of lessons that we have, but to really focus on the people and helping people have the blessings of the atonement in their lives which is something that I love. 

Our investigators have all been doing so well. Our investigator Brandon is still set for his baptism this Saturday and he is going to be a convert for life. It's always a bonus when your investigators are dating return missionaries and when the elders quorum president is their cousin hahaha. Cathie and Johnna are also still doing awesome and are on date for next Saturday. They are so fun to teach because they just LOVE the gospel. They are also completely living the word of wisdom now which is a struggle for them but they have been doing so good! Sometimes Elder B and I wonder what we did to deserve the opportunity to teach them. 

We were also able to set a baptismal date with our investigator, Chuck, for Nov 26th! He has amazing faith, his wife died in a car accident that they were in just a few weeks ago, and he walked away with bumps and bruises. He told us that he needed some time to get the funeral done and everything but then he wanted to start coming to church, taking the lessons and get baptized. He says that he knows that God kept him here for a reason, and he thinks that reason is to join the church. So elect. 

Obviously a huge highlight of the week was General Conference aka missionary Christmas. One funny thing that happened was in the Saturday afternoon session they had the MTC choir singing and my companion saw an ex-girlfriend in there. el oh el. One thing I really loved about conference was how back to the basics it all was. So many of the talks covered the doctrine taught in the first 3 missionary lessons, and even the word of wisdom was talked about! Probably my favorite talk was from Elder Oaks, all about missionary work. He was quoting a lot out of the book, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" which is a personal fav of mine. Now it's all backed up by an apostle. 

Anyways, have a good week, 

Elder Olson

Can't remember if I sent this already... our investigator's pet house pig

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