Monday, September 12, 2016

White Springs, FL


This week has been SO good. Like seriously one of the best weeks of my mission.

Elder Call and I had a solid ending in Fleming Island. On Tuesday we had our last district meeting and then we drove around and said goodbye to investigators and members and such. Although a lot of the time working in Fleming Island was super frustrating, I had a distinct impression as we drove home that the Lord was pleased with our work.

Wednesday we had the transfer hub in Jacksonville which is always a hoot, getting to see all the old mission friends. And I officially became Elder Bangerter's companion which was the best day of my life!! It was a 2ish hour drive from Jacksonville to White Springs, and we got a ride with a member and even before I got there I could just feel the excitement in the branch!!! They were just organized about 3-4 months ago and they are really pushing to grow the ward to the point where they can get a building in White Springs which means missionary work is on FIRE!!!

So I was slightly wrong about our ward boundaries in that it doesn't take in any of Lake City at all and it is straight up country. There are 3 towns in our area, White Springs, Jasper and Jennings (which is right on the Georgia border) and countless sand/dirt roads. We have about 60-70 people in the branch, but we have 3 solid baptismal dates on right now which is super awesome!

A little about Elder B: He is from Centerville, Utah, graduated in 2k15 but he came out with me, he is hilarious and tells the funniest stories, a killer voice and he is the most talented person on earth when it comes to quoting Monty Python and the the Holy Grail. So obviously we are getting along super well hahaha.

It's definitley a different kind of work out here in the country though. We really can't just knock till we drop so we really have to get the members involved which is the way it should be! We have been soooo busy this week we have been flat out and I love it so much. 

I think that my favorite part of this last week is how much I have felt the spirit. It's probably been more than ever in my life. Elder Bangerter and I established a companionship motto of "we follow the spirit" which I love. Not "we try" to follow the spirit or "we do our best" to follow to spirit but we follow the spirit!!

Anyways country life is the good life! Haven't had to many dogs chase us or guns pulled on us yet but I'll be here for a while so it'll work out.

Love ya!!!

Elder Olson

Elder B

Our home in the woods 

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