Monday, September 19, 2016

Love One Another

Hello Everyone!!

It has been another AMAZING week in White Springs!!! We lost a lot of proselyting time having to do random admin stuff but we still got a lot of awesome work done!

On Wednesday we had zone meeting which was pretty fun, and we think we didn't mess it up too bad hahaha. After zone meeting we went on exchanges with the Starke Elders which was super fun because I was with Elder Smith, who was my companion a couple of months ago. It was a super fun exchange being back with him and reminiscing on all the good times in Fleming Island. 

Looking back on the week I would say there were a couple things that happened that were of notice. 

First was an amazing lesson with two of our investigators, Cathie & Johnna. They are on date for Oct 15th and on Tuesday we decided to read with them from Alma 7 and it was so powerful!! As we read verses 11-13 and explained exactly what the atonement was, and how Jesus Christ suffered for each of us on an individual basis it was just so amazing to see the light and understanding come into their eyes. It is such a privilege to help people come closer to Christ and to understand the fullness of the atonement. Cathie & Johnna have both had a really big struggle with the word of wisdom, but they have so much real intent and desire to get over it. We are meeting with them basically everyday and we have everyday planned out for them to be able to live the word of wisdom. It's been so much fun. 

The second thing was the dinner appointment that we had with an investigator on Friday night... it was an experience. It was wayyyyy out there, like wayy out there and we show up and usually they have dinner for us inside but we drove up and they had a bunch of their friends/family over and were having a little community bbq. For dinner we had freshly killed fried deer meat, french fries and some deer sausage. Hahaha it was just sooo backwoods it was insane. We weren't able to teach them a lesson unfortunately because some of their friends brought some homemade "strawberry drink" that you can only find in the backwoods of the south. 

It's been super interesting serving in the true country. People here are either SUPER nice or they SUPER hate us hahaha. We had stake conference this week and one of the counselors in the stake presidency said "the greatest indicator of our own conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ is how we treat our brothers & sisters". We meet a lot of really mean people to be honest and its always funny because they claim to be saved and such strong believers in Jesus Christ and yet they refuse to even live his most often taught commandment: love one another!! 

Things here are going super well though! Life is good, the work is good, my companion is awesome (it'ans his bday btw) and so things couldn't be going better!!

Love y'all!

Elder Olson

What most of the roads in our area look like

Zone Meeting


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