Monday, September 26, 2016

I Love the South

Hello hello hello!

It has been another AMAZING week in White Springs! This has been like the transfer of my dreams it's been unbelievable. 

Monday was a good day, we went on a short "hike" to see the 2nd largest waterfall in the state of Florida. It was about as impressive as you would imagine but I'll attach some pics. On Monday we also had the cops called on us for knocking doors at 8:45 which is something that I have been wanting to happen my whole mission but it's just never happened haha. He was a pretty nice cop though and he just told us to go home for the night. 

On Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Call, who is the cousin of my last companion whose name is also Elder Call... It gets confusing hahaha. He has only been out for a couple months but I was super impressed with him and it just made me think of what a punk I was when I was in training. 

Elder Bangerter and I hit our 15 month marks on Saturday... It is seriously messed up we were talking about it and the math just doesn't add up for how fast it has gone. It's a good thing that we still have 25 years left on our mission though, so we aren't too worried about it or anything.

Our investigators are still doing so well! Cathie & Johnna are just the best. They are the kind of investigators where everytime you get to teach them it makes you wonder what we possibly could have done to deserve the opportunity to teach them. And then we remember that it wasn't anything that we did, we are just super blessed. They are still progressing towards their date on October 15th though, we took their coffee pot from them yesterday hahaha so they should be good. 

Our other baptismal date, Brandon, is still doing awesome as well. He is so funny, he is in his 20s and is really cool and also really pumped to get baptized! His date is on for Oct 8th, so the next couple weeks are going to be super good!!!

Hmmm that's pretty much all I've got to talk about from this last week. Things are going SO well and I love being a missionary!!!

Elder Olson

I love the south

Fun fact... the Suwannee River is actually the source from which all Pepsi-Cola springs from. This is also the 2nd largest waterfall in Florida... I know

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