Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hurricane Hermine and a coming transfer

Hello hello wow so much has happened in this past week, hopefully I can communicate all the goodness!!!

First things first WE HAD A HURRICANE!!!! Her name was Hurricane Hermine, and I'm not going to lie I may have been praying for her to become a hurricane when she was hanging out as a tropical storm in the gulf. To be honest she really wasn't bad. She was supposed to hit Jacksonville but she ended up veering north of us and all we got was a little wind and some rain. It really wasn't bad at all, I was a little disappointed, but hey I can still say that I experienced a hurricane on my mission haha.

We also only had to miss about an hour of proselyting because it hit mostly in the middle of the night, so it was an ideal hurricane. Minimum damage, minimum pros time lost, but we still can say that we "endured" a hurricane on our mission.

Another big thing that happened this last week is we had our transfer call, and I'll be getting transferred to the White Springs Branch which is wayyyyy out there in the boonies. Lots of dirt roads, southern food and "no trespassing" signs are awaiting me. I'm super excited about it though, my companion is going to be Elder Bangerter, who was my district leader back when I was in Fort Caroline. He is such a good missionary so I am pumped to be serving with him. The White Springs Branch is also killing it right now so it will be a tender mercy going into a ward that is already thriving.

On Sunday I was reading the September issue of The Ensign and kind of thinking back on my time spent in Fleming Island. I read this story called "I did all That for This", if you haven't read it yet, read it!! The story is basically about this Mom who goes through all this crazy stuff in her week but there were a few short moments that made it all worth it. Essentially she did all the work (that) for the special moments (this).

Looking back the phrase "I did all that for this" really defines my time in Fleming Island. A lot of the time things were a true struggle, but there were a few moments in the last couple of transfers that made it all worth it. One of them was having the privilege of baptizing Jerry Turner and just giving him a big hug in the water as he cried into my shoulder. Another was hearing my companion say "You know Elder Olson, you almost make missionary work fun". These were the moments that made it all worth it. And I'm excited for all of those moments that Elder Bangerter and I are going to have in White Springs!!

Oh also in other news my big sister Jaclyn had her first baby!!! Shouts out to my first niece, Zoë Lynn Foster, the most beautiful and innocent soul on earth!! She was born on September 3rd, and I just can't wait to meet her.

Hope everyone had a great week!

Elder Olson

Hurricane Hermine

Elder Call all ready for the hurricane...

RIP Sister Newberry (FYI this is just about Sister Newberry completing her mission and going home)

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