Monday, July 11, 2016

Trade-offs and Happy Birthday Chloe


This week has been good, pretty normal which has been nice honestly.

On Monday night we went on trade offs with the Timiquana elders who are up in west Jacksonville. Both of them slept over at our apartment on Monday night so that they could come to district meeting in the morning which was super fun.

So I was with Elder Gregory all day Tuesday, he is from Provo so he knows lots of the homies and we talked a lot about BYU hahaha. We also got lots of good work done, it was soo nice being in a humble area again. I never thought I'd miss tracting in trailer parks but the pride of Fleming Island just changes ya I guess.

The rest of the week was honestly a little slow. We just had lots of dropped appointments and lots of biking in the 100F+ weather which is always whole ton of fun.

This week we have really tried to up our game on our less active work. There are SOOO many less actives here and there just isn't enough being done about it! Lots of members do their home teaching and visiting teaching and stuff, but they just talk about the weather or something that doesn't matter and then say "hey we'd love to see you at church sometime". So we've been showing this mormon message "Reach out with love" to as many members as possible which is a really good one about reactivation and talking to them about how reactivation isn't just about inviting, it's about getting to know people and finding out why the people don't come to church! If everyone in our ward prayed about one individual or family that they could try and really fellowship and reactivate so many people would come back and they would bring tons of their non-member friends into the church with them. Hmm just a little peek into what's going on in my head rn haha.

Sunday was an important day because my baby sister, Chloe, turned 15!! Happy birthday Chloe!!! You da best. We had a couple of people at church though which was good. Sacrament meeting was a little bit too much about America and not enough about Jesus Christ which is a common thing here but whatever. Hopefully our investigators like that kinda stuff. 

Anyways this week has been good, the work is going well and we had a couple reactivations this week which was sweet.

Love you all!

Elder Olson

Pre-mission throwback photo, Happy Birthday Chloe!



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