Monday, July 25, 2016

This week in Fleming Island

Hello Hello,

On Tuesday we had district meeting and President and Sister Lee showed up! That was a nice surprise, hahaha, but it was really great to have them there. We all went out to lunch afterwards and it was good to just get to know them better. They are super cool.

After district meeting on Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Barnes out in the boonies (Middleburg) which was sweet! It's a poor rural area with dirt/sand roads and it was an interesting day... I'm glad I got to experience it but I'm also very glad it was just for a day. Oh and I definitely forgot everything I needed to go on an exchange... extra socks, towel, extra underwear. That part was not fun hahaha.

On Wednesday we finally had a breakthrough in our finding... It was the first time that we had an actual success basically all transfer so that was exciting! It felt like a breath of fresh air, our finding has been a huge struggle for the last transfer.

Hmm what else happened this week.

We were able to set a really solid baptismal date with our investigator Jerry for August 13th!! He is getting married on Saturday which should be sweet and then his baptism is scheduled for a couple weeks later! It's been a huge blessing to be able to teach Jerry, especially because this transfer has been a huge battle for finding people to teach. We have knocked sooo many doors this last transfer and honestly it's been really hard to work and work and work and not see any results from it. But the Lord blessed up with Jerry out of the blue when his girlfriend called and asked for a blessing and we have been teaching him ever since!!

So Saturday was the day that we set the baptismal date with Jerry and we had transfer calls that night and I was hardcore feeling like I was leaving, especially since we had just set a baptism date that day because that would be just like when I got transferred out of Fort Caroline. But we got the phone call and Elder Call and I are going to be staying here in Fleming Island for another transfer! I'm super pumped because it means that we'll both be here for Jerry's baptism! It's going to be an interesting transfer though since we've done so much tracting for the last couple of transfers we have like no tracting area left in the ward so we'll see how this transfer goes.

On Sunday one of the recent converts had the missionaries and a bunch of other people over for the first annual "Green Cove Springs Pioneer Day Celebration" and he made some of the best ribs ever and he lit off a bunch of fireworks, it was so great!

Much luv

Elder Olson

Nightly planning on the roof lol

District Meeting with the Lee's

Pioneer Day fireworks

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