Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Storms

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This week has been a long one! It's definitely summer here in Florida and we have had some insane storms this last week. It's been kind of fun, but also not great for the work so not the best thing in the world.

This week has been a battle in a sense of finding things to do. Fleming Island is suburbia in every sense of the word and so it can be very hard to find things to do in the daytime hours. To top it off almost all of the stores are in the 2nd ward so we don't even have places to go street contacting. Despite this challenge we have had some really good things happen this week!!

One of them was in regards to our investigator, Jerry, whose girlfriend is a returning member. This week we got to their house for the lesson and Melanie is all excited and she shows us her hand and I'm all confused why she is so excited about her hand and so I'm like "wow that is such nice nail polish!!!" and then she laughed and said "umm are you joking" and I was like "no I really like your nail polish, its nice!!" (at this point I'm VERY confused) andddd then I saw the ring. Hahaha boy I felt like a goof, but I was so pumped at the same time!! So now they are getting married in August and we'll be able to set a baptismal date with Jerry soon after! So things like that definitely make up for the slowness of the week.

We also had our investigator, Neal, come to church for the second week in a row! He is going into his junior year in high school and he is such a good kid! We saw him late Saturday night to make sure he was coming to church and we were talking with him about a bunch of stuff and he expressed his concern that he just wasn't sure if he would be able to leave his family for 2 years to serve a mission and we were like "Neal!! You've only been to church once you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff! Nobody is going to force you to do anything" and so that relieved a little bit of stress for him. It's pretty cool to see the real intent that he has though.

That was really the only noteworthy things that happened this week. Oh on Monday we went to the mall to get some pants and I realized that I am THAT missionary that is just sickened by the world and how evil it was! Like there was porn everywhere it was disgusting!!! I never want to come home and have to be exposed to all of that haha I think I might just preach the gospel forever. Sorry fam, still love you though. Hopefully Jesus will come soon and then I won't have anything
to worry about.


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