Monday, July 4, 2016

Gratitude and Daily Habits

Hello everyone!!

This week has been really great!! Things have definitely been improving and we are starting to make some really good progress in the work!

On Wednesday we had a "meet the president" zone conference and we got to meet President and Sister Lee! They are the best! They are from Burley Idaho and are so kind and Christlike. Literally everything that they talked about in their training was so perfect for what I needed. President Lee made a huge emphasis on gratitude and daily repentance. Having gratitude is something that I realized I had really been lacking in the lack couple weeks and so I've been a concentrated effort to be grateful and it has made a world of a difference! 

Friday was another great day, simply because it was CANADA DAY!!! Hahaha I loved it but I don't think Elder Call was too impressed when I starting belting Oh Canada when he didn't get right out of bed hahaha. But seriously it was an awesome day, we saw so many miracles and I'd like to attribute them to the Lord's love for the country of Canada. Fun fact, Joseph Smith served a mission in Canada in the Fall of 1833 and the history of the church records that Joseph loved Canada so much that he returned in 1837 and made sure that there was always missionaries in Canada for the rest of his life.

Anyways, one of the miracles that we saw was actually related to a miracle that Elder Carlisle and I had in Fort Caroline back in April! Long story short, a school bus that exploded (there were no fatalities), which led us to find a super elect woman, and we had what is still the best first lesson of my mission, but she had a surgery in the upcoming week and so we couldn't follow up with her for a long time and I never talked to her again. We are like 90% sure that she got anti'd. So fast forward to Canada Day and we were at this returning member's home for dinner and the 18 year old son had his girlfriend over who was a non member and we started teaching her and eventually we figured out that she was the niece of this lady that Elder Carlisle and I found, and she was going to go visit her aunt tomorrow! We all agreed that it wasn't a coincidence and I told her to tell her aunt to call the missionaries!! Haha so that was super cool.

It's been really fun having a new mission president and all the changes that have come with it, I can already tell that the Lee's are inspired of the Lord and that they are where they are supposed to be! I really like the focus on daily repentance that President Lee shared, as I pondered this while I was taking care of my dental hygiene I realized that repentance is just like flossing! My mom will be the first to tell you that if you only floss once a week (even if you do a good job of it!), your teeth are going to deteriorate.  To keep our teeth clean we have to floss every morning and every night, and it's the same principle with our spirits! If we think we can just think about repenting right before we take the sacrament, we are going to let our spiritual plaque buildup do some serious damage before we actually take care of it. Something that I never would've expected to happen in my life is to find joy in repenting, as it can be a sort of painful thing. But it has been so liberating to allow myself to be molded by my Heavenly Father who knows exactly what I can become!


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Happy 4th, haha

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