Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 53


Lots has happened this week so I'm just going to skim through some of the highlights!

On Wednesday we had our departing zone conference with President Craig which was great! But also very sad. They are just both so great and such good examples to me. Like neither of them have missed a day of reading the Book of Mormon their entire marriage, so 38 years!! Can you imagine reading the Book of Mormon for 13870 days straight?? They are probably some of the most high quality human beings in the world and I'm just grateful to have gotten to know them. We also got to give Sister Craig a hug at the end of the conference which was a special treat haha.

After the conference on Wednesday we had a huge miracle!! Well it actually started on Tuesday night but I'll explain. On Tuesday night we got a call from a less active sister whose records were in the neighbouring ward but she lives in our ward and she needed a blessing and so we went over on Wednesday, gave her blessing and then taught her non-member boyfriend the restoration! It was a pretty good lesson, and the spirit was really there and he accepted a baptismal invitation and a date for July 23rd! It's not a super solid date or anything, especially since they didn't come to church on Sunday despite telling us they would be there on Saturday. But still it was an amazing miracle! Especially because this week has been a real challenge as far as the work goes.

We seemed to have suddenly hit a brick wall in our finding this week. Like literally a brick wall where nothing is getting through. Idk what it is but we are just trying to figure things out and push through it because it has been rough. Usually tough times/hard times/trials in general signify that some big miracle is about to happen though so that is what is keeping us going right now!!

We did have one other really awesome lesson this week. It was with the excommunicated member that I had mentioned a few times and when we went back on Thursday he told us that he had finished reading the entire Book of Mormon! He read the entire thing is just over a month which is AMAZING. He is the epitome of real intent and he just wants to do what is right sooo badly. He is going to try and talk to his wife about the gospel this week, as she has been pretty against him rejoining the church. He is so inspiring to me though, and it shows that the there really isn't much that we can do to move out of the range of the grace of Christ.

Friday was my year mark which was weird. We didn't really do anything special for it though, but a member did take us out for seafood and so we got to have a little gator tail which is always a treat.

This week has honestly just been weird. Probably one of the most unique weeks of my mission, and equally challenging as it has been rewarding. I'm just glad that this is His work, and not mine and that I have all the help that I could possibly need to do my part in it.

Sorry if this was a weird email! Idk whats up.

Love you!

Elder Olson

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