Monday, May 2, 2016

Last Week in Fort Caroline


It has been another amazing week!! We are continuing to find and teach a bunch of people that have been prepared, it's really mind blowing!! Sometimes I almost feel like we have more solid investigators than we can handle, it's been a little hectic, but it's a small trial and I've got no complaints.

This week we've been able to do a lot of fun service, and teach quite a few lessons. We finally got to teach super old Bible referral, Haley, and she has sooo much real intent it's amazing. Unfortunately she didn't come to church this week, but Satan always works really hard on people the first time they commit to come to church so it's no biggie.

Also unfortunately we haven't been able to meet with that really elect family I talked about last week, Eddy and Priscilla, their kids got strep throat and so they have been out of commission all week.

We've had a few really good lessons with Sheria and Terrence and Donte (they are the ones who are getting baptized this Saturday) and they are still progressing really well! They came to church this Sunday, so their baptism is a go as long as they pass their baptismal interview.

On Saturday we had a few really great lessons. One was with this woman, Diana, who we had met a few weeks ago but then we missed our return appointment because Elder Carlsile got sick.  She is in her 60s and her niece got baptized 7 years ago and she gave Diana a Book of Mormon, and invited her to learn more! She wasn't super interested at the time but she kept noticing the example that her niece set, especially in how she was raising her children, which totally softened
her heart for when we knocked on her door! It just goes to show how big of an impact a simple invitation and an example to make, even if the invitation isn't accepted immediately. No effort is wasted!! She is so awesome, she is someone that I can't see not getting baptized.

On Saturday night we had our transfer call... And I found out that I'm getting transferred which kind of makes me sad. I've been here for a long time and I know I need a change of scenery, but we have so much going for us in this area!! It's especially hard because Sheria and her boys are getting baptized Saturday. Haha planning their baptism has been a little rough.

I guess I should talk about my new area! I'm getting transferred to the Fleming Island 1st ward, which is in the Jax West Zone, and my new companion's name is Elder Smith! He came out one transfer after me and he was also trained in Gainesville, so I already know him and we are pretty good friends! As sad as I am to leave Fort Caroline, I'm super pumped to be with Elder Smith and in my new area.

Fleming Island is supposed to be a really nice area, but with a small ghetto in the middle. The highschool is nicknamed "The Pharmacy", because of its rep for drug abuse hahaha.

Sunday was really good, I'm going to miss this ward so much. Church was an uncomfortable 3 hours of trying to not get all the old women to hug me in the foyer, but it was good. I really am going to miss this place.

Anyways I hope everyone else has a good week and a good skype call next week 😊

Elder Olson

Billy Hart

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