Monday, May 16, 2016

Fried Gator


It's been another good week, the first few weeks in an area can always be frustrating because you just can't do as much as you want to do when you don't know anyone or how to get places, but we are figuring it out.

We started off the week with a trade off up in West Jacksonville with some Spanish Elders which was pretty fun. I was with Elder PĂ©rez, who is in his last transfer, and we had an awesome day. Their area is just really going and they have members coming out with them basically all day and then to top it off a member took us out for some BBQ and I finally got to eat some fried gator!! It was good and all but its nothing really nothing special. Just like fishy tasting chicken nuggets. Worth the experience though.
Nothing major really happened this week, we had a minor chainsaw injury at a district service project but he got nice and stitched up, some lady from Georgia paid for our lunch after Zone Meeting on Wednesday which was a tender mercy, and we allllmost went to this baptist prayer breakfast thing that an investigator of ours was throwing at his church. He is a pastor so his potential isn't sky high. But we didn't go because we decided it would be better to go out and find some people instead. It would've been an interesting experience though.

Oh actually I got to conduct a baptismal interview for the first time on Wednesday which was awesome! It was so cool to see that this woman had really turned her life around and how the Lord had been preparing her for her entire life. I felt like I got all of the blessings of seeing her conversion but didn't have to do any of the work for it. So that was very enjoyable. 

The rest of the week was pretty good! We spent a ton of time just sifting through really ancient potential investigators that were never dropped by the previous elders. It's so brutal getting a poorly kept area book haha. It was tempting to just drop them all but we felt like we needed to at least give them a shot. Nobody panned out though. 

Something that has really been on my mind is the principle of vision. Its something that our mission president has talked a lot about and I haven't really gotten it until this last week. We always need to have a vision of what we are striving for, so basically a goal, but a more overarching group of goals than just one goal. It has been apparent to me that missionaries here in the past had not really established a vision for the work here in this area. Basically they were just doing work to do the work, instead of working to achieve something great. Working to experience miracles and build the Kingdom of God! Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people perish". Having a vision of what we want to accomplish today, what we want to accomplish on our missions and what we want to accomplish in our lives is key to success! 

So that was my week. Hopefully we'll be able to expand our vision here in Fleming Island and get some people progressing!! Love y'all!!!

Elder Olson

Oh also I found out that Sheria, Terrence and Donte from Fort Caroline got baptized on Saturday!! Super pumped for them!

Elder Carlisle at the White's baptism!!

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