Monday, May 9, 2016

Fleming Island

Hello hello,

This week has been pretty good, lots has happened with transfers and all.

On Tuesday our investigators, Sheria, Terrence, and Donte all passed their baptismal interviews which is super exciting!! However, Sheria wanted to push the baptism back because her daughter is coming to live with her next week and apparently she wants to get baptized also, so they are going to push it back and all get baptized together. Kind of a bummer that they aren't getting baptized this week, but in the end its awesome because another person is getting baptized and the new missionary in Fort Caroline will get to know them before they get baptized.

Wednesday was transfers!! I was sad to say goodbye to Elder Carlisle and Fort Caroline and all of the elect people that we were working with, but I'm pumped to be here in Fleming Island! Its a very wealthy area, "the ghetto" area that I had heard about really isn't even ghetto. It's just like 200 years old or something like that. I've found out that a lot of mean evangelicals live there haha.

Our area is very much in suburbia, we take in a little bit of the country, and there are some new housing developments. Fleming Island is kind of like the area that we live in in Calgary, just right at the edge of the city. So we are full car and we get fed a lot which is kind of scary haha. We'll have to try and bike some to keep the poundage down.

My new companion, Elder Smith, is really awesome! He is pretty quiet and chill but he is really nice and is down to work hard. He has only been here for 1 transfer so he doesn't have the area 100% down yet, but we are figuring it out. He and his last companion just had a baptism on Saturday which is awesome, they baptized the former mayor of that older municipality, Mike, and he is classic. We sat next to him in church and during the sacrament he leans over to us and
says in a not so quiet voice, "Dude I just got baptized again right on!!" Haha he is like a 14 year old in a 60 year old's body.

But now that Mike is baptized, we have no progressing investigators and not very many people with potential to progress. The previous elders had been getting a little complacent with their finding, so the next couple of weeks are going to be full of a lot of tracting and following up with ancient potential investigators that never got followed up with. It'll be good though, I kind of like being able to build from the ground up.

Sunday was awesome because of Mother's Day!! (Happy mothers day Mom) Facetiming the fam was a lot easier this time, just as good and rewarding, but much less emotionally trying hahaha. Oh and also because it was Mother's Day we got to teach the 10-11 year old primary class which was soo much fun. I love messing with the little kids but still being able to teach them an awesome spiritual lesson. Being all grown up sometimes it's easy to forget that little kids get the gospel too.

Anyways it's been a good week, I'm still adjusting to the new ward and we've got lots of work to do, but I'm pumped to be here and I love being a missionary!!

Much love (lol),

Elder Olson


Sheria, Terrence and Donte

Elder Smith

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