Monday, May 23, 2016

Being Diligent


It's been a pretty good week. I went on a trade off with Elder O'Bryant on Tuesday and boy the Lord was testing us. It was raining all day, and we were on bikes and all of our appointments fell through so we were basically finding all day. It was a hard day, but I kind of like those kind of days because it really gives you the chance the show the Lord how committed to the work you are. Being diligent is easy when you have appointments all day and everything is going smoothly. We still had a good time despite our trials. He is pretty young but he has a good head on him so it was fun.

On Wednesday we had zone conference which was really awesome. Just cliche missionary stuff: President Craig's trainings were exactly what I needed to hear, and the spirit was super strong. But cliche mission things are good, there is a reason that everyone talks about how great they are!

On Wednesday night we were supposed to have a few people coming to this scripture class but literally everyone bailed and so we decided to to knock some doors instead, and we found this super awesome little family! It's just the Mom and her two boys who are 8 & 11. The 8 year old is so awesome, he could feel the spirit just from talking with us and he even knew what he was feeling! We have high hopes for them, they just moved in and are looking for a church to go to and they loved the idea of eternal families.

On Thursday afternoon we had one of the most powerful lessons on my mission. It was with this guy that we tracted into named Mike, and he was excommunicated over 30 years ago. We talked for a while and we got him to tell us his amazing conversion story, and then his tragic falling away. Both Elder Smith and I were just trying so hard to listen to the spirit and we were able to ask such good questions, and the spirit was just so palpable throughout the lesson. In the end we brought it all back to the Book of Mormon, and how he isn't sure if the witness he got concerning it was self fabricated or from the spirit. We committed him to find out again, and spoke about how his eternal life weighed on the answer that he got.

That's something that I love so much about the gospel. The gospel can be so deep and confusing and there is so much to learn, but in the infinite wisdom of Heavenly Father, we only need answer one question to return to live with him: is The Book of Mormon true? Of course after we get that answer there is much more to be done, but after we get that witness it all rolls downhill from there. It is so easy if we humble ourselves and just ask sincerely. Love it.

The rest of the week was good but pretty non eventful. We invited more people to church this week then I ever have in my mission and we had probably 6-ish people committed to coming, but none of them did. So that was a little heartbreaking. It's been a good week though, no complaints!

elDer oLsoN

My good friend Elder Hopkin

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