Monday, April 18, 2016

New Investigators

Wow it's been quite a week. 

On Tuesday we got a call from the sisters in our neighbouring ward, and they had 3 baptismal dates to reassign to us!! It was so unexpected, we were definitely feeling blessed. The new investigators are super sweet and humble, and their baptismal date was set for this coming Saturday, but the Mom got sick over the weekend so they didn't come to church. Even though they have been to church like 7 times, we figured it would be a bad idea to baptize someone into a ward that they have never attended. So we are going to push their date back a couple of weeks. It's been crazy just coordinating the handoff and getting to know them, but the ward has really reached out to them which has been great.

On Wednesday morning I remembered that I had been assigned to give a training in district meeting, so I threw together a little training kind of accepting that it wouldn't be my best. And then President Craig showed up. Haha I was a little nervous at first but it all worked out pretty well. And then they took us to Chick-Fil-A after which was fun.

Wednesday we had our lesson with Bill which was a bit of a setback. He had a bunch of pointless questions like why did Peter, James and John give Joseph Smith the priesthood instead of the apostles from the Nephites. Just silly stuff. So he isn't as ready for baptism as we thought but we are still going to keep working on him. It was a little disappointing, especially because we thought we were going to set a date.

On Thursday we finally got to meet the reassignments from the sisters and they are pretty awesome! The Mom's name is Sheria and her sons' names are Terrence (13) and Donte (9). I was really surprised with how much the kids got it. It was fun teaching them, but we haven't met with them since. We're meeting with them tonight though so it's all good.

On Saturday the assistants called us and told us that we had another golden referral (so blessed) and he came to church with his kids this Sunday! His name is Eddy and he is so put together. He brought his 5 and 7 year old kids and they just looked like such a perfect little family. It was a little weird for a first time at church because it was ward conference and there were all the sustainings and then for some reason we sang "If You Could Hie to Kolob" as the intermediate hymn. So that was <<<. But they seem really awesome!!

The Lord has really been blessing us with reassignments from other missionaries. I feel sort of like we don't deserve it, but it's nice to be blessed for our hard work.

Anyways things have been really good for us, we are finally getting some progression out of our investigators. So that's probably a sign that I'm getting transferred. El oh el.

Love ya!!

Elder Olson

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