Monday, April 4, 2016

Lesson Learned

Hello hello,

This week has been great! I think I get more excited for General Conference than I do for Christmas as a missionary.

This week started off with a humbling experience. So ever since I have started reading the Bible front to back, I've been realizing how much the Bible supports our beliefs and I have really come to love it. Its been great. But the thing is, the more and more I got to know the Bible, the more and more I was "teaching with my own learning", but I didn't really realize it until Monday night. We were tracking and the first door we knocked on was this black non-denominal preacher's house, and he did not like Mormons haha. We were trying to teach him, and eventually it just turned into me and him Bible bashing and it wasn't ideal, the spirit really wasn't there and the man clearly wasn't going to change his views but I kept trying to use my knowledge to change his heart. We were talking to this guy for a solid 30 minutes, and by the time we both accepted that we thought each other were fools, it was time to ride back to the apartment. As we walked away from the door I immediately felt terrible for wasting so much time trying to shove my knowledge of the gospel down his throat. It was definitely a big wake up call for me to really teach with the spirit, and not rely so much on my own understanding of the gospel.

On Wednesday we had a kind of neat experience when we were tracting. We met this woman who was a former investigator of about 17 years in Tennessee, which was neat to start, and then she started telling us about this experience were she was flying and she was really nervous but she saw a ton of missionaries on the flight and she felt all comforted and stuff, and then figured out that she was on the same flight as Elder Carlisle! Haha it was such a crazy connection, and not only that but she was interested in meeting with missionaries again!

On Thursday we went on exchanges with the other elders in our ward, and I was with Elder Barrott. He is a pretty fun elder and we had a good day, haha we stayed up talking wayyy too late so we were wrecked the next day.

General Conference was sooo good. Some of my favourite talks were from Elder Duncan in the Saturday morning, Brother Owen and President Nelson's talk in the Priesthood session and Elder Christofferson's talk. I learned so much and I can't possibly share all that I learned, but one of my favourite quotes came from Elder Duncan. "We all have in our lives Saul like individuals with Paul like potential". God sees us as the Paul's that we can become, not as the Saul's that we are. A few times on my mission I've felt like I've been able to see some Paul's that we can all become. Idk I just really liked it!

Love y'all and I hope you everyone enjoyed conference :-)

Elder Olson

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