Monday, April 11, 2016

Just the Highlights


Things have been really good this week!

On Tuesday we had zone meeting which was pretty good, but I just really wasn't feeling it, I don't know why. Sometimes you just have those days where you feel inadequate and things just don't work out. Tuesday was one of those days. But on the plus side we tracted into this guy who owns a Chick-fil-A and he gave us a bunch of free sandwich  coupons. Tender mercies.

Wednesday was MUCH better. We got to do some yard work for a senior sister which is always a nice mental break, and then we had an amazing lesson with our investigator, Bill Hart, who is coming up on the 2 year anniversary of investigating the church haha. Anyways we talked to him about the priesthood and how God needs him to not just be a seeker of truth, but a holder of his priesthood. It was a good change up in our approach, and at the end Elder Carlisle bore a super powerful testimony (for a second it felt like I was companions with the Apostle Paul, I was so proud of him), the spirit was so tangible. It was by far the best lesson I've ever had with Bill, and at the end he admitted that he knew that the church was true and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God! It was pretty neat, he has made a lot of progress in the last few weeks. He still wouldn't set a date with us, because he wants to confirm it in prayer, but things are looking really good for him! He even bore his testimony in sacrament meeting of how the church was true. Hopefully we can set a date with
him this week :^)

Thursday was very interesting. To sum it up in one sentence, a school bus that was driving on the interstate exploded so that we could meet a golden contact. Haha I'll explain a little to make it sound a little less morbid. We were knocking in a community right off the interstate and we hear/feel this HUGE explosion, and we see this black smoke coming from the road, so we drove around to try and find out what had happened. We eventually get to this spot where we could see this charred, smoking school bus on the shoulder, and so naturally we were kind of freaking out because we thought that 50 kids had just died, but we found out that there had been no passengers so it wasn't as bad. Anyways from there we decided to go leave that area, so we drove to another area to knock and we had an AMAZING first lesson with this woman named Kathie. When she answered the door she was on the phone and she asked what we wanted and so we told her that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and she quickly got back on the phone and said, "Some representatives of Jesus just knocked on my door, I think I had better talk to them" haha it was great. We taught her a really powerful restoration lesson and she was super pumped to read the Book of Mormon and we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! She then asked us if a person has to be "baptized mormon" to go to heaven and said if that was the case it didn't jive with her because she believes that God loves all of his children and He wouldn't want to condemn so many of them to hell. We shared the experiences of Joseph Smith and his older brother Alvin to teach her about the doctrines of the spirit world, judgement, and the Kingdoms of Glory, and she was wowed. It was crazy the spirit was so strong. Hopefully I'll be talking more about her in the future.

Anyways the rest of the week was more normal and less miraculous, but still great. Haha Elder Carlisle and I got pretty bad sun burns on Saturday, we were tracting basically all day because all of our appointments fell through.

Things are going pretty well! Today its been 5 months since I arrived here to Fort Caroline. Weird.

Love ya!!

Elder Olson

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