Monday, March 28, 2016

"Nowhere else I would rather be"


This week has been very fast and full of so many great experiences that I couldn't begin to tell them all so I'll just share a few.

To start, on pday I was conferred the FJM Canadian's Hockey Stick, as the senior, and only other, Canadian is going home next transfer. Hopefully we'll have some new Canadian missionaries this next transfer or I'm going to be all by myself down here. It's been super fun having the hockey stick in my apartment.

This week I have been really tired because I haven't been able to fall asleep because of all the chigger bites on my legs, they were itching sooo bad. I definitely would not recommend getting bitten by chiggers it's not an enjoyable experience hahaha.

On Thursday we were trying to contact this referral and we got talking to a Muslim guy who was sitting on his porch and he basically just started bashing with us! It was crazy, haha he was teaching, testifying, and promising us blessings. It was like he was teaching from an Islam PMG. He even gave me a Quaran and dropped a 'will you commitment for me to read it'. Obviously I returned the favour and gave him a pamphlet and told him to pray about it. But I really was impressed with the man's zeal and teaching skills haha. Oh and don't worry I'm not having a testimony crisis lol.

On Saturday we had a couple member presents scheduled, but one of them fell through. We were standing outside the car on her street and we were saying a quick prayer, and right as I say 'amen' I feel the phone buzz in my pocket and she said she had something come up. Not very inspired timing haha. The other lesson we had went super well! It was with this Book of Mormon referral that we had contacted and we taught her the restoration and she is always just so excited about Jesus. She is totally down to get baptized, but obviously we aren't just going to dunk her. But things are looking up for prepping her for baptism.

Sunday was also wonderful! This has by far been my favourite Easter (sorry fam), I've been reading the New Testament for the last few weeks (finally finished the Old Testament) and I just happened to be reading Matthew 26-28 this weekend. Never before has the atonement and Christ suffering hit me as hard as it did, both during my studies and during the sacrament on Sunday. Haha definitely had to hide a few tears during studies. I am so grateful for Him and His sacrifice! Oh also Bill Hart and his wife came back to church which was awesome, especially for this Easter season. Things are looking good with him.

Then Sunday night we got POURED ON while we were riding home. Haha we were so wet, and I'm sure that people who drove by us thought we were miserable, but I love those moments so much! As I was waiting at a light, I had to chuckle to myself a bit, because I realized that there was nowhere else on this planet that I would rather be than riding my bike in the pouring rain, after a long day of missionary work. Despite knowing that my family was all probably gathered having a delicious Easter dinner, there was still nowhere I would rather have been (again sorry fam haha). I don't know if this is making any sense, but we were basically in a less than ideal situation, and it really blew me away how much I was enjoying it! Missions are just weird I guess haha.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and has a fun week!


Elder Olson

Some good Samaritan felt bad for us tracting in the rain so they gave us this umbrella lol

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