Monday, March 7, 2016

Importance of Positive Thinking

Hello hello,

It has been a FULL week, haha it's been busy. (I bin busy) We had to miss a bunch of proselyting time, but the Lord blessed us and we were able to teach a lot of lessons! Still not much progress out of anyone though, and a few of our really good investigators dropped us which was really sad. Especially when they do it over text and won't even answer the door or their phone. That's something that's been pretty hard; we do a ton of finding, and we teach a lot of people quick contact lessons, but then we are never able to get them to progress.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Craig which was really good. He gave me lots of good tips for helping Elder Carlisle continue to adjust. President was late though, and it went overtime as usual, and so that pretty much consumed our day. Unfortunately we weren't able to do a ton of proselyting Tuesday.

Wednesday night we were knocking doors and we meet this guy who introduced himself as "Pastor Taylor" and we actually got to teach him quite a bit! Hahaha it was so funny watching Elder Carlisle when he said he was a pastor, he got a little scared hahaha. Hopefully we'll be able to keep teaching him! He is a pastor at a celebration church, so he probably won't know the scriptures well enough to bash a ton which is definitely a bonus.

On Friday we had our trainer/trainee meeting which was sweet! Basically they separate all the trainers and all the trainees and we talk to President about training and such. It definitely made me grateful to have Elder Carlisle, compared to some of the other trainees he is actually adjusting pretty well. Training has been pretty interesting so far, you definitely have to sacrifice a lot of your pride and desires and it's pretty much all about the trainee. It can definitely be a battle, but it's worth it because if it wasn't a battle I wouldn't be growing!

We had a pretty good weekend. We did a ton of biking, haha Elder Carlisle was pooped. We were able to meet a lot of people just talking to everyone though, so it was a good day.

In a lot of ways it was a hard week, I definitely feel like the Lord has been testing my patience, but usually things get hard right before they get really good! So hopefully we'll be having lots of miracles in the upcoming weeks.

Something that's been on my mind is just how important positive thinking is. Something that our mission president always says is "negativity is the oxygen that Satan breathes". Essentially when we allow ourselves to have negative thoughts about our situation, our peers, or really anything, we allow Satan to have a bit of control over our thoughts. So thinking positively is something that I've been working on. (It's been a battle haha.) Obviously that just means that I need it I guess. Anyways thats just been something that Been on my mind!

Love ya!!

Elder Olson

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