Monday, March 14, 2016

Celestial Obedience / Tracting in the Rain

Hello friends,

This week has been really good!! I don't know what the difference has really been, but it's been a gooder.

On Tuesday I got to go on a trade-off with our district leader, Elder Bangerter, which was a ton of fun! We came out together, and he is so consecrated and we just talked about the gospel and missionary work aallll day and it was so refreshing I loved it. I love the elders in my ward but conversations are always about movies, and silly undignified things, so not talking about gentile things was great. It definitely set a good tone for the rest of the week.

We were able to do a lot of good less active work this week. I think a bunch of senior people in our ward are realizing that they need to go to church before they kick the can, so hopefully we'll be able to reactivate them! Deathbed repentance is better than no repentance!!

On Thursday we had a pretty neat experience. We had an appointment with this guy that we had met the day before, and we brought this member, Johnny, with us. And the guy wasn't there which was a bummer, but as we turned around I spotted this old investigator that Elder England and I found walking his dog on the other side of the street and so we chased him down and Johnny had an instant connection with him it was so cool that he was walking right there. God is so good.

On Friday we were able to teach Bill Hart again, and we brought the stake patriarch with us and had such a good lesson! Bill & Bro Stansbury connected really well, and I think that a good fellowship had been something that was missing for Bill previously, so hopefully we'll be able to get things going with him again.

Saturday was a great day!! The Lord put so many people in our path as we were biking and we taught a bunch of really awesome street contacting lessons. In the evening we were tracting and we had a very powerful doorstep lesson with this guy named Blake. At first it was just a classic door approach, but then we felt like we needed to share how the Book of Mormon can help us get through hard times, and it just broke him apart. He clearly was going through something hard, and it was amazing to have the spirit guide us with our inspired questions. He didn't invite us back or anything but it was so clear that the spirit was working on him.

On Sunday I got to give a talk for the first time since my farewell. It was short, as I was filling in for the youth speaker, but I got to speak on member missionary work which was sweet. Did a little motivating (hopefully) for these members. Sunday we also had our first true Florida afternoon rainstorm. We got really wet because we didn't have umbrella's but it really wasn't too bad. Haha it was still the hardest rain Elder Carlisle has ever experienced. I love tracting in the rain, it's just so emboldening, haha people are always wowed that we are still knocking doors, but unfortunately it doesn't make them anymore receptive. 

Oh also on Sunday the church's Easter video, Hallelujah, came out (go be a missionary and share it on your social media!! Don't be selfish with your blessings!) and when I first watched it I wasn't wowed or anything, but we were using it while we were tracting and we had such a good experience with it! We taught this woman about the Book of Mormon, and she at first wasn't interested, but we asked if we could show the video, and the spirit just came in hard and fast and we were able to testify that God really has called another prophet. Hopefully she'll remember how she felt when we go back next week.

Something that Elder Bangerter and I talked a lot about is the principle of Celestial Obedience, which is essentially to not only be exactly obedient, but to get as far away from the line as possible instead of toeing the line between obedience & disobedience. Celestial obedience is really about the desires of our hearts and how much we want to show the Lord that we love him.  As we talked I realized that its possible to do celestial obedient things, without being a celestially obedient person, but it is not possible to be a celestially obedient person without doing such things. Basically to have truly righteous desires, we need to not only desire to do what is right, but be what is right. If we are striving to be like our Saviour, we will act like the Saviour and do the things that he does. I have found so much peace & joy from striving to follow His example and I want to share it with everyone I meet! 

I love being a missionary and I love all of you, thanks for being the best!! 


Elder Olson

Mmm-mmm street tacos 🌮🌮🌮

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