Monday, February 8, 2016


Greetings Friends,

This week has been crazy, so much stuff has happened and it's definitely been a week of growth.

The last few days before transfer were pretty good. On Tuesday we had district meeting, and we took some "funeral" pictures for Elder Ray since it was his last few days. I'm gunna miss that man, shouts out to him, I hope you're loving Bakersfield :-)

On Wednesday morning we went to the Mandarin building and I had the trainers meeting with President Craig which was awesome. It was just a neat experience to have a meeting/discussion in a small group of really awesome missionaries with President Craig. After that we did some street contacting role-plays with the trainees (haha some of them were so classic) and then we found out who our companions were going to be!
I got paired with Elder Carlisle. He is from Redmond, Utah, a town in southern Utah with a populace of a whopping 900 people. He is just a classic southern Utah ranch boy, he was pretty quiet at first, but he is opening up. I'm excited to train!! Haha it's been pretty hard so far, I've been studying the Christlike attribute of patience a lot.

On Wednesday night we had a good member present lesson, and Elder C was pretty quiet during it, but at the end he threw down with his testimony, I was pumped.

Thursday was a kind of rough first day for Elder C. First we had to build his bike for him, which was sort of fun but it just took forever which made it frustrating. After that we got to go do a lot of biking and it was POURING rain all day. Haha I was kind of enjoying it, but it was a battle for him. He isn't a big biker and I was riding so slow. That's definitely been the hardest adjustment for me and training. Just having to slow everything down can be so hard. After that we did some knocking and it was in a nice area and we were soaking wet and nobody would talk to us! Haha it was a hard full first day for him.

Friday we had to do weekly planning, and I was trying to involve Elder C as much as possible but it's a battle to actually get it done in time and tell him what was going on. So he had a lot of time to sit there and dwell on missing his family so he was getting pretty homesick, poor guy. We were able to have some good success on Friday though, we taught a few lessons and we got a new investigator which he was pretty pumped about. We also went to Steak n Shake for dinner with Elder Barney & Elder Barrott which helped to buoy his spirits.

On Saturday Elder C spent a lot of time just talking, and I think I was able to help him out some. It was good, but so hard to miss out on some proselyting time. But the Lord made up for it!! We taught a crazy amount of lessons, it was amazing!! It was a really good day after our little talk. 

Sunday was really good, it was good for Elder C to just go to church and just feel more normal at church. The rest of Sunday was pretty good also! Just a normal day. 

Training has been quite an experience already for me. Its totally changed my perspective on things, because before it was all about me (like how can I be the best missionary possible, or how can I help these people, etc...) but now I'm always thinking about Elder Carlisle, and how I can help him, and how he can best learn and grow. Its been kind of mentally exhausting but it's been really good!!

Love y'all and hope you have a good week!!

Elder Olson

The funeral of Elder Ray

Elder Carlisle

Shout out to the greatest!

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