Monday, February 22, 2016

Miracles and Grace


This week has been pretty great! We have had a lot of little miracles and I got to go to Georgia for the first time for Zone Conference which was sweet! Oh also sorry if some people didn't get my letter or I didn't reply last week. My email server was kind of trippin and so it didn't work to well.

Zone Conference was on Tuesday, and tbh Georgia wasn't really that different, but Zone Conference was great! Our leaders are all just so inspired and I'm going to miss President and Sister Craig so much, July might be rough. Unfortunately we all got the Tiwi black boxes installed in our cars which has been an adjustment for sure. Nothing is worse than hearing "Check Your Speed".

The work this week has been decent. We haven't been able to meet with any of our progressing investigators which has been rough so we did a lot of finding, but we actually had a lot of success. We have had some awesome little miracles where we have had former investigators/people involved in the church being put in our path.

We met one man who deeply investigated the church in the 70s when he still lived in the Philippines, another woman who had lived in Mesa, Kirtland and and Kansas City (near Independence Missouri) and she read the entire Book of Mormon in the 90s! Neither of them would set a return appointment with us, but they both wanted to come to church sometime and read from the Book of Mormon again which was awesome.

On Friday we had a pretty awesome little miracle. We hadn't had a very productive day, and we were syncing our iPads at Target and it was about 8:55pm, and we said a quick, fervent prayer that we would be able to teach a lesson before we had to go home, and right when we walked out couple walking towards us popped out to me, but they didn't look like the most righteous people, and I also saw a few young women who looked much more kingdom builder-y, but I just had the distinct thought come to my mind "it's always the ones you don't expect" so I talked to the first couple and it turns out that the girl had read about half the Book of Mormon before and they were super interested in our message! It was a really awesome experience, and it was really good for Elder Carlisle I think, haha he was so blown away.

The weather has also been warming up already... it's in the 70s like every day and it's getting me so not excited for summer. I'm not ready to go back to 110F / 100%H tracting haha.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day. In the morning we conquered the jungle of Jacksonville and cut down this lady's bamboo forest which was pretty fun. It was also just a beautiful day and we did a bunch of biking, haha Elder Carlisle was pretty tired from it. We were able to have a pretty awesome lesson with our investigator, Lisa, it was one of those lessons where it's kind of all over the place and you cover a bit of everything, but she was super interested and she was going to
come to church and everything, but then she didn't. Classic. She texted us though and said she was going to read the Book of Mormon instead, so not all bad.

Oh, also Saturday I realized that I was exactly 1/3 of the way done which is honestly messed up. Time is absolutely flying, I really don't understand how it's happening.

Sunday was also pretty good, except for the fact that 3 investigators were supposed to be at church and none came.

Something that I have been studying a lot is the principe of Grace. Brad Wilcox's talk, "His Grace Is Sufficient" is really awesome and seriously everyone should read it. (It's on and part of it's in the September 2013 ensign). Some of it is straight fire, haha, it almost knocked me out of me seat it was so good. My favourite quote from it is when he says "Scriptures make it clear that no unclean thing can dwell with God, but no unchanged thing will even want to". Mhmm so true.

Anyways that's just something that's been on my mind, I love y'all and hope your doing gr8 :^)

Elder Olson

Some lady wanted to take our pic el oh el

Jax East Zone

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