Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day (a week late due to email server problems)

Hello hello,

Things down in Florida have been pretty nice, we haven't had a lot of progress with any of our investigators so we have been doing a lot of finding lately which I actually kind of like. 

Monday was decent, we just shopped and played bball, and knocked doors all evening. This old baptist guy in an older wealthier community actually let us in his door which was a first for my entire mission. Elder Carlisle just got talking hunting with him (which normally isn't exactly ideal haha) but it got us in his door which was a little miracle!!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Jax Beach Elders, and I was with Elder Hornfischer, who came out with Elder Carlisle. Haha it was so weird, we were in his area, but I knew it better than him because he was so new. It was good though, he talked my ear off which was actually a nice change because Elder Carlisle is super quiet. We were basically just knocking all day so that was pretty classic. 

On Wednesday we had district meeting and other than that we had a kind of slow day. In the evening we had a lesson with our investigator Taylor, which was good and bad. He basically just couldn't come to believe in God, and there wasn't anything that we could say to help him, so we just asked him to promise that if life seemed to be spinning out of control, or if he just didn't feel fulfilled, that he would pray and get in contact with the missionaries. It was kind of a sad experience, but I felt a strong sense of peace as we rode away that we had done our part, and that he would have another chance to figure things out. The lesson kind of rattled Elder Carlisle though, he is having a kind of tough time adjusting.

Thursday we had zone meeting and President Craig was there and he talked a lot about having an I Will kind of attitude, instead of a I'll try or I can attitude when it comes to achieving our goals, so I left feeling very motivated it was great.  
Oh haha I had such an embarrassing experience, I was checking too see if President Craig had responded to my letter, and I saw that I copied and pasted my journal for the week instead of my letter to him! Haha I felt so embarrassed, he got a full unfiltered look at how my week was, good thing it was a good week!

Friday & Saturday were kind of slow, but we got some good work done. Because Elder Carlisle is so new and we don't have a lot of opportunities to teach full lessons we have been trying to set up times to teach LA's the first few missionary lessons, so then he can get some practice and we can invite the spirit into the homes of these LA's and get them back to church! 

Sunday was pretty good. I kind of threw down in ward council because we haven't had any member referrals this year, and they set the goal of having 8 baptisms for the year. I did a little math and for us to realistically achieve this we are going to need about 36-42 member referrals so I kind of told them to step up. I felt like the guy from Moneyball. Its been hard in this area because we teach so many lessons, but the people never progress!! I feel like it's partially because we haven't built a ward that the Lord can trust (read more about that in the Power of Everyday Missionaries) and we need to get the members more involved. 
This week at church I realized how much I love this ward! I'm excited to be here for probably another 2.5 months, they will always have a special place in my heart! 

Training has been pretty hard so far, Elder C is just having a bit of a rough time, and we aren't super tight yet, but I have already felt myself grow so much in these last few weeks. I was thinking about all my companions and I realized that I will probably never have a companion that I am naturally buddies with, with is actually a good thing. I learned and grown so much from each of my companions already, and I'm excited for the tough things in my future that will help me keep growing!

I love y'all and I hope your doing great!!

Elder Olson

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