Monday, February 29, 2016

Good Things to Come


This week has been pretty good. We have been doing less finding which is nice. Last week we just did straight finding, and it was pretty exhausting, but also pretty productive. It was a good week, hopefully we'll be scoring some golden member referrals in the next couple of weeks.

Monday was a classic P-Day, lots of basketball. Shopping was pretty much non-existant, I've had like $0.03 on my pros card for a few weeks so the budget has been a battle. We got more today though so it's all good :^)

Tuesday was a pretty good day, we were able to get a couple of new investigators. Haha one of them seemed super elect, he was just sitting in his truck outside his house and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized! It was really weird, cause it should've been super awesome, but it had a weird vibe. We later knocked into a member on his street who told us that he's a coke dealer and he was probably just scared that we were cops hahaha. But hey coke dealers need the gospel too right? (Don't worry Mom we'll listen to the Spirit and be safe it won't be dangerous)

Wednesday/Thursday were pretty good days. Pretty normal, nothing to special. Something that I started doing in my studies on Thursday is rewriting Preach My Gospel in my own words (specifically the first 3 lessons) and it has been such a great experience! It has really helped me to know the doctrine super deeply, so that I can know it well enough to explain it in a perfectly simple way. Hopefully I'll be able to keep doing it with the rest of PMG! I'd definitely recommend it to any of the homies out there in the field. Oh and shoutout to my sister Carmen who turned 17 on Thursday! If we had more Carmens in this world, it would be a way better place.

Friday was a wee bit rough. We had to help some people move, and so weekly planning was crunch and it's just a battle doing it basically alone. Haha we were riding back from our dinner appointment and there was a person walking ahead of us and I started braking so that Elder C could pass me and go talk to him and he slams on his brakes and does a big endo and wiped out in an extremely dramatic fashion, it was really quite stunning how big of a crash it was considering how slow we were going. Haha it made for a rather awkward street contact too. (He wasn't interested hahaha)

Saturday was actually really good. We had a really powerful lesson with this technically less active older guy who just got out of the hospital. We showed him the mormon message "Good Things to Come" and the spirit was just super strong, and he got talking about how his son is super less active, and we are going to try and get him back to church and teach his family. Idk it was just a really powerful member lesson it was great.

Sunday was okay, none of our investigators came to church which was rough. Also having to do 2 hours of comp study after church is rough and we hardly have any time to proselytize on Sundays. But we did get to see Bill Hart and he said we can start teaching him in a couple weeks! Haha the man has no excuse for not getting baptized.

Things with Elder Carlisle have been pretty good. He has been growing a lot which is fun to watch, but my patience is still being tried on the daily, it's good though. One of the mottos in the FJM is "We love tough things!!" Tough things are what help us grow and progress and so I'm trying to be grateful for the growth.

Anyways love y'all and I hope you're doing great!!

Elder Olson

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