Monday, February 1, 2016

Feeling the Love

Greetings Friends!!

This week has been really great! It was the last week of the transfer so it was busy but really awesome.

This week on Tuesday I went on exchanges with our district leader, Elder Bangerter, and it was so good! He came out with me and we are pretty good friends. We taught up a storm and it was just a really awesome day! We had a pretty powerful lesson with this LA woman, and she had kinda gotten herself into anti, and we were just able to powerfully testify of the simplicity of the gospel. It was really awesome because I just felt myself being filled with so much love for this woman. That's definitely one of my favourite parts of being a missionary, is just being able to feel a love for the people that I meet, because I know that its not my own love that I'm feeling, it's the Saviour's love for that person coursing through me. It's seriously the best.

Wednesday was very productive, but pretty average. In the evening we had a lesson with our investigator, Taylor, and it was probably one of the most unique lessons I've ever had haha. He was just telling us all about some of his recent sins and it really killed the spirit. He is a lot less prepared than we thought he was.

Thursday was kind of rough. Elder England and Elder Ray went to the temple so I was with Elder Barney and another Elder named Elder Skoy, and it was just a slow day and it was raining all day and it wasn't super fun.

Friday was really good!! When we were weekly planning President Craig called and told me that I would be training a new missionary this transfer!!!! Haha I'm so excited, I don't get to meet him until Wednesday but I am pumped!! Elder Bangerter, our district leader is also training which is sweet.

Saturday was pretty good. In the morning we helped a family move and then we went to this pizza buffet and Elder Barney & Elder England had a pizza eating contest, haha it was awesome but gross. They both had more than 20 pieces each, but Elder Barney took the crown. We also had a good lesson with this guy that we found before Christmas, Kevin. It was probably the most complete restoration lesson I've ever had, but unfortunately he is a super busy guy so we won't be able to see him for a while. Saturday night was the transfer call, and we found out that Elder England is going to Starke, Florida which is in like the middle of nowhere hahah. This next transfer is going to be really awesome!!

Sunday was a very blessed day. We had some lessons fall through but we were able to teach a lot and we had a few miracles! So Elder E usually leaves cards at peoples doors if they don't answer, which I'm not super down with but it's not a big deal. Today right as we got inside our dinner appointment some guy called us and he said that we had just left a card on his door, and I basically taught him about the Book of Mormon over the phone, haha it was so awesome things like that never happen. Then on Sunday night we still had to teach 3 lessons to reach our goals for the week, and we just went out street contacting and ran around and we were able to reach our goal! It was so great, Elder England was just on fire, haha it was the most pumped to do missionary work I've seen him in the last two transfers. So it was a really good week!

Sorry this email is already so long, but I've been reading Isaiah lately and I came across a quote from Marion G Romney that I loved, and its kind of lengthy but I wanted to share it:

"When earth life is over and things appear in their true perspective,
we shall more clearly see and realize what the Lord and his prophets
have repeatedly told us, that the fruits of the gospel are the only
objectives worthy of life’s full efforts. Their possessor obtains true
wealth--wealth in the Lord’s view of values. …I conceive the blessings
of the gospel to be of such inestimable worth that the price for them
must be very exacting, and if I correctly understand what the Lord has
said on the subject, it is. The price, however, is within the reach of
us all, because it is not to be paid in money nor in any of this
world’s goods but in righteous living. What is required is
wholehearted devotion to the gospel and unreserved allegiance to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. …A half-hearted
performance is not enough. We cannot obtain these blessings and be
like the rich young man who protested that he had kept the
commandments from his youth up but who went away sorrowful when, in
answer to the question, ‘What lack I yet?’ Jesus said unto him, If
thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor
… and come and follow me.’ (Matt. 19:21.) Evidently he could live
everything but the welfare program. There can be no such reservation.
We must be willing to sacrifice everything. Through self-discipline
and devotion we must demonstrate to the Lord that we are willing to
serve him under all circumstances. When we have done this, we shall
receive an assurance that we shall have eternal life in the world to
come. Then we shall have peace in this world.”

I love this because something I've really come to appreciate is how this life is really all about the gospel, and I'm so grateful for the eternal perspective that I've been able to develop from my mission!

I hope everyone's doing great and I love y'all!!

Elder Olson

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